The use of oil during tractor use

Tractors in the field operations and transport operations due to the weather, environment and other conditions, have a certain impact on the tractor's power and economy, the correct choice of various fuels to give full play to the tractor's dynamic and economical effects can not be underestimated, It is also one of the ways to extend the life of a tractor.
1 The use of diesel diesel can be divided into light diesel, heavy diesel and agricultural diesel three. Light diesel oil is suitable for high speed diesel engines with a rotational speed higher than 1,000 revolutions per minute, and agricultural diesel engines with light diesel oil as the main fuel. According to the national standard, light diesel oil is determined by the freezing point and divided into five types: +10, 0, 10, 20, and 35. The freezing point with no "+" sign before the grade is below °C, and the grade is high and expensive. Agricultural diesel fuel is only available on the 20th and its freezing point is not higher than 20°C. The selection of diesel grades is mainly based on the ambient temperature and economy of use. As diesel does not reach the freezing point, it begins to precipitate paraffin crystals. Therefore, when using diesel, the freezing point is required to be 3 to 5°C lower than the temperature in the season. If the temperature is -12°C, then light diesel oil No. 20 can be selected.
2 Selection of lubricating oils include oils and gear oils. Engine oil is divided into two categories: diesel engine oil (also called diesel engine oil) and gasoline engine oil (also called vehicle engine oil). The common diesel engine oils are classified into four grades: No. 20, No. 30, No. 40 and No. 50; ordinary motor oils are divided into No. 20, No. 30 and No. 40 diesel grades by viscosity. The diesel engine generally uses No. 20 diesel engine oil in winter and No. 40 diesel engine oil in summer. The gasoline engine generally uses No. 20 motor oil in winter and No. 40 motor oil in summer. The gear oil has a high viscosity and is suitable for the lubrication of tractor gearboxes and gears.
3 Grease Selection Grease is also called butter. There are three types of calcium, sodium and complex greases. Calcium-based greases are insoluble in water and are not resistant to high temperatures and are suitable for lubrication of water pump bearings. Sodium-based greases have poor water resistance and high temperature resistance. They are suitable for lubrication at high temperatures but not water, such as engine bearings.
In short, according to the environmental conditions and work characteristics, the correct selection of oil materials can not only improve work efficiency, reduce production costs, prevent accidents, make tractors fully play a role in the production process, and achieve high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, and safety. Extend machine life.

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