Orange juice cod liver oil processing technology

Cod liver oil is a traditional medical and nutrient health care product. It has a good reputation among people in both urban and rural areas and has a certain market at home and abroad. In recent years, with the development of the beverage industry and the increase in consumption levels. Orange juice drinks are getting more and more popular and consumption is increasing. In this case, a product of cod liver oil and orange juice - orange juice cod liver oil was developed. The orange juice cod liver oil can not only relieve the heat and quench the thirst, but also make people taste the special flavor of the orange juice drink, and obtain the vitamin A and vitamin D necessary for the human body, and become a nutritional and health-care premium drink.
Process operation:
1 Formulation (unit: kg) Distilled water 100, powdered 2.5, oil distribution 4, citric acid 1.8, white sugar 260, benzoic acid 0.15, liquid glucose 160, orange juice flavor 1.2, fresh orange juice 100 , Orange oil flavor 0.5, Lemon oil flavor 0.25, Vitamin B2: 0.02, Vitamin C: 1.25.
2 Prepare cod liver oil and refined vegetable oil to contain VA12000 international unit/g oil, VD1950 international unit/g oil, ready for use.
3 White sugar is dissolved in hot water at 100°C, impurities are filtered off, and other ingredients except B2, Vc, flavor and benzoic acid are added to the formula. The powder was opened with the oil for about half an hour. Oil: rubber powder 2:1. Mix the sugar solution and the glue solution and stir well. Stirring time is 1 hour. Turn on the cooling water and lower it to below 35°C. Emulsify the above mixture first.
4 The initial emulsified mixture was heated to 65°C and held for 10 minutes, ie, sterilization was completed. Turn on the cooling water and lower the temperature to below 35°C. Add VB, VC and benzoic acid. Add the oil under vacuum and start the emulsifier to emulsify for 2 hours. Add the flavor under vacuum and mix well.
5 Fill orange juice cod liver oil in a glass bottle of 500 ml, label it well, and put it in storage.
Major equipment:
1 Emulsifier (homogenizer): 3WR - high pressure, pressure 18MPa, stainless steel.
2 mixing cabinet: circular sandwich, ∮ 1.00h1.5 (m), made of stainless steel.

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