Six Methods of Locust Control in Edible Mushroom Cultivation

1, rapeseed cake seduce and kill some mushrooms on the bed of the mushroom mushroom bed, spread a piece of wet cloth, and then spread gauze on the wet cloth, sprinkle the freshly fried rapeseed cake powder on the gauze, and wait for the locust to trap the gauze dish. When the seed cake is powdered, the gill is removed and placed in boiling water for a moment to kill the aphid.
2. Trapping the bones of pigs Place the bones of the fresh pigs evenly on the bed of the mushroom borer. When the worms gather on the bones of the pigs, remove the bones and use hot water to heat the worms. Repeat several times until there is no flaw on the bed.
3, seduce and kill the green tobacco leaves fresh green tobacco evenly spread on the bed of the mushroom borer. After the tobacco leaves have trapped more mushroom borers, gently remove them and use hot water to burn them. Repeatedly hunted until killing.
4, sweet and sour liquid to trap and kill 10 parts of acetic acid, 10 parts of water and 1 part of the sugar mixed, dropping 1 to 2 drops of dichlorvos, that is dubbed sweet and sour liquid. After soaking the liquid with a gauze pad or a cotton pad, place it on the bed, and when the mites gather, take them off and scald them with boiling water. Repeat until you have finished killing.
5, fumigation and killing take cotton ball dipped in dichlorvos fluid, placed on the bed base material surface, and then cover the bed with a plastic sheet, so that liquid volatile fumigation bed poison poisoning aphids.
6, spray killing You can choose to use 1500 times solution of chrysanthemum ester, 50% of omethoate 1000 times or 500 times Kezi special spray to kill. Can also be used detergent 400 continuous spray 2 or 3 times, better killing effect.

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