Dry litter silage three attention

The first is the addition of water. It is best to use the spraying method to make the straw moist, while wetting the edge silage, and the dry straw is not drowning. Generally, the amount of water added is preferably 10% of the weight of the raw material. The second is the short link. Shorter water is beneficial to the penetration of water, so that the contained sugars can be dissolved and evenly distributed, which facilitates compaction and fermentation. It is best to short depending on the subject. The third is the tight link. Compaction is particularly important for dry and dry stalks. Even if there is insufficient water or no fine cuts, the above disadvantages can be remedied if compacted.

Nanfeng tangerine (nickname orange, orange, Nanfeng orange) is an excellent variety of Citrus in China, and also a rare specialty in Jiangxi province. The origin and main producing areas of Nanfeng oranges are in Nanfeng County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi province. Up to now, they have been cultivated for more than 1300 years. Nanfeng tangerine is famous for its golden yellow color, thin skin, tender meat, no residue, strong flavor and sweet smell.By the way, we also supplied Fresh Garlic , Fresh Ginger , Air Dried Ginger , Fresh Onion , Peeled Onion , Fresh Chestnut , Sweet Corn , Fresh Taro , Fresh Potato , Fresh Baby Mandarin, Fresh Red Grape, Fresh Pomelo , Fresh Ya Pear   Chaotian Chili , Paprika Powder , Fresh Apple and so on.


Nanfeng Baby Mandarin


S 3.5-3.8cm


sweet.seedless and juicy



Supply period

from October to next May

Fresh season: From September to November

Cold storage season: November to next January


inner packing :1kg net weight / mesh bag

outer packing :9kg net weight/ carton


Delivery time

5-7 days after got buyer's deposit



Payment Terms




Shipment port

Shenzhen Port of China

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Fresh Baby Mandarin S 3.5-3.8Cm

Fresh Baby Mandarin S 3.5-3.8Cm,Fresh Sweet Baby Mandarin,Sweet Baby Mandarin,Fresh Baby Orange

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