Egg-laying winter management

One is to strengthen insulation. All the windows on the north and west sides of the house will be closed; on cracked walls, sand will be used to plug the cracks; on the south facing doors and windows, grass curtains will be hung. In this way, cold winds can be prevented from entering during the winter, so that the indoor temperature can generally be maintained at about 15 degrees Celsius. When the room temperature is lower than 10 degrees Celsius, the furnace should also be indoors to increase the room temperature. Otherwise, the egg production rate will drop. Especially during cold nights and when the weather is cold, check the room temperature. Once the room temperature is found to be too low, a stove must be set up immediately to prevent freezing. The second is to add light.鹌鹑 In the normal production of eggs, it takes 15 hours of light each day. However, it is less than 12 hours per day in winter. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the light for three or four hours every day in order for the quail to lay eggs normally. To supplement the lighting method, a 60-watt electric lamp can be suspended in a room 2 meters high. If the weather is cold, the doors and windows are covered and sunlight does not enter the room. Electric lights are also used during the day to ensure that the light required for normal egg production. The third is to give warm water. In winter, when the water temperature is low, it is not appropriate to sip cold water. Instead, warm water should be given to the sip. The water temperature should generally be between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. Drink warm water three times a day, and do not allow it to drink freely, so as not to digest the feed. At the same time, the wet material fed to earthworms should also be treated with warm water and not too cold.

We can supply Goji Berry of low pesticide classified as the buyers can find only two or three pesicides residues and all of them  are far less than max limits(LOD), or almost pesticde free.

We also assure that our goji berry does not contain Aflataxin ,ochratoxin.We promise our goji berry is NON-GMO. Moreover, the micro-biology and heavey metal of our goji berry is as requirment of UK satndard.

Each part of Goji berry is treasured, which can inhibit tumor growth and improves disease resistance, regulate immune system and blood fat, help normalize blood pressure and balance blood sugar. Elements that facilitate these benefits, within the dried goji berries, include barbarum, polysaccharides, carotenoids,  and amino acids.

Function of Goji berry:

1) Inhibit tumor growth and improve disease resistance;

2) Powerful anti-oxidant which extends life, and improves the memory; 

3) Neutralize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation;

4) Normalize blood pressure & balance blood sugar

5) Lower cholesterol, lose weight.

6) Support eye health and improve your vision. 

7) Support healthy liver function. 

8) Support normal kidney function

9) Increase calcium absorption

Nutrition Facts of dried goji:

1) Contain 18 amino acids. 
2) Contain 21 trace minerals. 
3) Contain more protein than whole wheat. 
4) Contain B-complex vitamins.

Name:          Low Pesticide Goji Berry

Size:             180pcs/50g, 220pcs/50g, 250pcs/50g, 

                    280pcs/50g, 350pcs/50g, 380pcs/50g, 

                    500pcs/50g, 550pcs/50g, 750pcs/50g

Packing:      5kg/ Aluminum foil bag x 5bags/carton

                    5kg/ Aluminum foil bag x 4bags/carton

                    5kg/ Aluminum foil bag x 2bags/carton

Quality:       Low Pesticide Goji Berry

Taste & Odor: Natural fruit flavor;  Sweet; Pleasant

Origin:    Ningxia, China


MOQ:     100KGS

Pesticide Residue: As per Japanese Standard , EU Standard, Australian Standard,Taiwan Standard

Delivery time:        Within 20 days after contract confirmed

Main market:        Netherlands, Greece, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Romania,                                       Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia,  Moldova, Israel, Russia, Ukraine,                                       Belarus, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Thailand, 

                              Hong-Kong, Taiwan

Chinese supplier of Ningxia dried goji berry

NINGXIA TOYO TRADE CO.,LTD  is  a professional supplier of dried goji berry in Ningxia,China. We have a HACCP certified processing  factory in Zhongning county,Ningxia,China.Having been   in Goji berry business since year of 1999, we have enough experiences to meet different customers` need around the world. We can supply customers goji berry with high quality and fair prices.


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Low Pesticide Goji Berry

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