Onion cultivation technology

1. The varieties are selected to use “Indus”, “Ilex” or “Huafu No. 1”. Their common advantage is that the plants are tall, with good quality and high yield.
2. The method of raising seedlings is to raise the seedlings in the late autumn of the first year of August and expose the ground to winter. After deep-casting the seedlings, apply a 100-centimeter-wide mortar after replanting the fertilizer. Can be broadcast, cover 1.5 cm, 1 kg per mu. When the soil is dry after emergence, it can be watered for 1 time. And apply fertilizer once with water.
3, planting in the middle of June, after the harvest of zucchini, remove the vines and other debris, deep fertilization, after the fertilizing, using a plough to open the ditch, ditch 15 cm deep. Transplanting spacing 50-60 cm, spacing 6-8 cm. When planting seedlings, you must master the essentials of deep planting, oblique insertion, and shallow earthing. Miao Baomiao 12000-15000 strains.
4 After the field management has shoveled and ploughed it, apply 15-20 kilograms of ammonium nitrate in combination with watering. As the plant grows and the soil is raised 3 times, the soil should not be pressed on the growing point. Harvested in early October.

Sushi Ginger

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