Shuanghui ham was exposed to black worms asking for nau…

Henan consumer Ms. Wang eats Shuanghui ham and eats a black bug. After negotiating with the manufacturer and discovering that he has not been valued, he angers and asks for high “nasty fees”. Later, he learned that he was accused of "blackmailing." She said, "I d

Talking about the rearing management of brooding period…

Chicks breeding is a meticulous and important work in the chicken industry. The quality of chicks directly affects the growth and development of chickens, the productivity of chickens, the value of use and economic efficiency, and the physiological characteristics of chicks are very different from

Herbal Supplements for Six Types of Female Populations

Sibu is the use of food nutrition function combined with physical conditions, through the diet to achieve enhanced resistance, prevention and treatment of disease longevity methods, the following are the women with different sub-health state food supplement. What's the best way to eat a beaut

Accurate and reliable single cell gene expression analy…

· Achieve more accurate detection of single cell gene expression profile differences · Avoid the disadvantages of measuring the average of all cells in a sample · Identification of previously unresolved cell subpopulations and decomposition of new regulatory networks In a nominally unif

Autumn tomato disease prevention and control measures

Tomatoes account for a large proportion in the cultivation of facilities in autumn. Diseases are the main obstacles affecting the high yield and quality of autumn tomatoes, and prevention and control of autumn tomato diseases is very important. Viral disease: an outstanding disease for tomato pla

How to make a refreshing vegetable salad

To be a vegetable salad to eat is really a good choice. It can not only supplement a variety of vitamins, relieve constipation, but more importantly it has the effect that many beauty students love. It is to lose weight. So how can such a refreshing dish be delicious? Here's how to tell it abo

Farmers need to guard against the fall tiger

After the beginning of autumn, the “Autumn Tigers” often arrive spontaneously. Although the weather is relatively cool in the morning and evening, it is still very hot at noon, and farmers should continue to use summer cooling measures. In the morning, water should be poured to the vine