Corn bubble cleaning machine becomes manual processing …

The corn bubble washing machine is mainly suitable for the cleaning of fresh corn after peeling. It is also widely used in the cleaning of bulbs such as tomato, cucumber and yam. The corn roller cleaning machine uses high-pressure spray water mist cleaning to effect

Maintenance of fresh fruits and vegetables and meat equ…

In the daily management of the supermarket, the focus of our work is often concerned with more products, but it is often neglected for some hardware equipment. The maintenance purpose of fresh equipment is for normal operation and cost control, and the maintenance w

Classification and use of Oden machine

The Oden cooking machine is a snacking equipment for special cooking. It can be used to cook a variety of seafood, meatballs, and vegetables using special soups. Then it is skewered with bamboo sticks. The taste and style are varied and it is very popular among diners. . Today, I will introduc

Three advantages of automatic particle filling machine

Nowadays time is money. If you want a company to reach a certain point, it is nothing more than a comparison of efficiency. Therefore, the final time and speed are the factors we need to care about. The three advantages of the fully automatic particle filling machin

The maintenance of wet granulator starts from four aspe…

Wet granulators are mainly used to develop wet powder into desired granules, and pulverize dry granules to the desired granules. The high-efficiency wet granulator mixes the powder of the raw material and the auxiliary material uniformly, adds the binder, and agitat

How to operate the automatic sealing machine?

To obtain the film before using the fully automatic sealing machine, confirm the winding direction of the film, find the counterclockwise direction, and place it on the film rod to fix it. Pay attention to whether the front and rear fixed splints of the film are tig