Cyclamen pot technology

Cyclamen is a radish jellyfish, rabbit ear flower, and a canopy. It is a perennial bulbous flower of Cymbidium. Because of its variety, its bulb size varies greatly and its color is also different. The color of the leaves varies endlessly. The calyx is mostly green, white, pink and red-brown. It bl

Apple tree pulling method

Pulling branches is a measure of pulling some of its branches into a certain opening angle and position of missing branches with ropes, iron wires, etc. When the erect and angled branches are pulled at a large angle, the apical dominance of the branches can be effectively weakened, the germination

Fresh flowers

Several Methods for Fresh-keeping Branch-folding Methods For some fragile-branched flowers, the flower branch used to insert the bottle was selected and it must be broken by hand. In this way, the stalks are not under pressure, and the catheters are normally maintained and easily absorb moisture.

Orange juice cod liver oil processing technology

Cod liver oil is a traditional medical and nutrient health care product. It has a good reputation among people in both urban and rural areas and has a certain market at home and abroad. In recent years, with the development of the beverage industry and the increase in consumption levels. Orange jui

Misunderstandings in agricultural machinery repair

Installing a cylinder head gasket. Butter Some robots prefer to apply a layer of butter to the cylinder block when installing cylinder head gaskets. This is believed to improve sealability. In actual fact, because the butter will melt when exposed to high temperatures, so that the cylinder head, cy

Science improves the survival rate of shrimp culture

First, increase the amount of dissolved oxygen The demand for dissolved oxygen in shrimp is high, and its asphyxiation point is 1.1 mg/l. 1. The power to be equipped with an aerator should reach 0.5 kW/mu, so that the dissolved oxygen in the water body should not be less than 5 mg/L. 2. Sediment

Pepper curl leaf disease prevention and treatment

The appearance of leaf curling and plant atrophy in peppers is a viral infection that is caused by the spread of ticks and can easily occur over large areas. In the peak period of the flowering of peppers, after infection with virus, the flowering was significantly reduced, the flowering and fruiti