Some problems that should be noticed before using combi…

The length of service life, failure rate, and safety and reliability of any machine have a lot to do with the correct and reasonable use and maintenance, in addition to the quality of the machine itself. The use of a combine harvester is no exception. There are several issues to be aware of before

Datian watermelon yellow leaf disease diagnosis and tre…

During the growth period of watermelon, the leaves from green to yellow appeared, the area of ​​green leaves decreased, and the photosynthesis decreased, which seriously affected the yield. Only the cause of the yellow leaves is clear and the right medicine can be taken in time to pr

Experts warn that 90% of pancreatitis is associated wit…

Release date: 2007-06-28 Experts reminded that 90% of pancreatitis and unhealthy lifestyles According to the China Medical News, Jiangsu News, the National Basic Academic Seminar on Pancreatic Diseases, sponsored by the Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Southeast University, was held in Na

Mulberry Disease and Pest Control

First, the main diseases of mulberry and its prevention (1) Brown spot: It is a fungal disease. The leaves are full of lesions, brownish, withering and rot. The pathogens were overwintering on the diseased leaf with the semi-known fungus Aspergillus sporangia. The new conidia were produced the fol

Asparagus stem blight must be prevented

Asparagus stem blight, once disease is difficult to treat, is currently a major enemy of asparagus cultivation, seriously affecting the production of asparagus and shortening the harvesting period. At the analysis meeting on the 2007 production situation of asparagus organized by the Provincial Ag

Feeding and management of nursing bred dogs

The colostrum produced from the 1st to the 3rd postpartum postpartum bitch is the colostrum, and the milk produced later is the regular milk. Colostrum contains many ingredients that are necessary for the growth and development of puppies and acquired immunity, which cannot be replaced by regular

Onion downy mildew control is

Onion downy mildew is the main disease of onion. It has occurred in the past ten years in seven years. Among them, there are two years of epidemic. In general, the onion can reduce production by 20% to 50%, which has become an important factor restricting the production of onion. Symptoms: Onion