Groove mixer operating procedures

Introduction: The trough mixer is connected to the power supply, sets the mixing time, presses the switch, and reciprocates the material through mechanical transmission to obtain a uniform product. The whole machine is made of all stainless steel, which is simple and

Salt spray test chamber "three defenses"

The salt spray test chamber is one of the “three-proof” (wet heat, salt spray, mold) test equipment for artificial climate environment. It is suitable for researching various environmental adaptability and reliability in machinery, national defense, light i

"Cloud width" brand rice transplanter

The “Yuan Kuan” brand rice transplanter was produced by Anhui Tianshi Transplanter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (electricity on the south side of Tianwan Road, Tianchang City, Anhui Province). The machine was included in the list of support promotion and subsidies by the state, and the coun

Watermelon management skills

It is often heard that melon farmers complain about the lack of watermelon knots, delays in the market, low yields, and low sweetness issues. The reasons for the above-mentioned phenomenon are mostly related to fertilization and improper management. First, no basal fertilizer and topdressing organ

How to prevent early spring grape injury

Before sprouting in early spring, due to too late pruning or mechanical damage, it would be difficult for the transmitting tissues of the branches to heal, and a large amount of nutritional components poured out from the wound would be wasted. Injury is light, grape production decline; in serious

Five or not suitable for intercropping orchard

It is not appropriate to use high-stem crops such as corn and sorghum for intercropping, so as not to affect the ventilation and light conditions of fruit trees. Should be used for beans, wheat and other dwarf crops. It is not appropriate to grow for a long period of time, especially perennial cr

Breeding Technology Exchange 16

Breeding technology Customer issues: Stock feeds are often bitten by mice. Is there a way to prevent it? Guan Yuan replies: The most effective method of rodent control is to close the doors and windows of the warehouse, block all rat holes/gap, and cut off the passage of rats, which can basicall