The pharmaceutical industry ushered in the golden decad…

“The next 10 years will be the golden year for China's pharmaceutical industry.” Guo Fanli, a research fellow of China Investment Advisor Pharmaceutical Industry, is optimistic. This year's government work report describes the priorities and goals of various work in 20

8 kinds of wrong breakfast, affect health and accelerat…

The following groups of foods are available for everyone to "remedy": (1) a few slices of whole wheat bread + a bottle of yogurt + a few grains of cherry fruit = nutritionally acceptable breakfast (2) tea eggs + sesame paste + oranges = nutritionally acceptable breakfast (3) oat

New soybean variety 405.89 kg per mu

In the autumn harvest season, the encouraging news from Xinjiang is that the new soybean variety “Zhonghuang 35” cultivated by the research team led by renowned agronomist and former researcher Wang Lianqi of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has set the highest nati

Spring seeding check 3 look

Now that it is time to prepare seeds for spring sowing, farmers' friends must pay more attention and more inspections when they purchase seeds. Checking the seeds is an important task before spring sowing. Because the quality of the seed has a great relationship with the seedling rate and seed

Skillfully promote ovulation in sows

Enhanced feeding and management of sows The cold weather in winter has an impact on the sow's health and ovulation. At the same time, the sows with their cubs are in a state of intense production and consume a lot of their physique. Therefore, the sow's husbandry and management must be str

The long residue of atrazine, vulnerable to sensitive c…

A reader of Bufeng Town, Tinghu District, Yancheng City, said on December 29, 2010, that the local summer maize of more than 10 mu was sown in early July. After sowing, 42% of Dingojing was used to remove turf and no weeds appeared. problem. After corn was harvested, spinach and transplanted cabbag

Can cauliflower be removed with acetochlor or ditertila…

Acetochlor and sec-Latin (a product formerly known as diternamine, 48% singapore EC) can be sprayed with soil before the cauliflower is transplanted. Dilylamine is safer, but its herbicide spectrum is narrower than acetochlor. Under the condition of greenhouse planting, the activity of acetochlor i