Corrugated box shake quality control

The flap folding resistance is one of the important quality indicators of corrugated boxes. China's corrugated box standard GB6543-86 expressly stipulates that: corrugated box rocker cover reciprocating more than 5 times after opening and closing 1800 degrees, no cracks in the surface layer and

Feeding just weaned pigs pay attention to three points

When the piglet is weaned, the feeding amount has a great influence on its growth and development. If it is fed too much, it will easily cause indigestion, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases. If the feeding is insufficient, it will cause stress response due to hunger and affect growth. Th

Red Fuji Apple "Willow-Shaped" Shaping

The main branch arrangement: Dry height 0.8 ~ 1 meters is appropriate, the main branch is divided into 3 layers, the main branch opening angle of 70 degrees. The first layer is 1 meter away from the ground, each layer is about 1 meter apart, leaving 2 main branches in the first layer, 3 main branc

Chilean scientists discover the principle of brain weig…

Release date: 2007-02-13 Chilean scientists discover the principle of brain weight control Researchers at the Catholic University of Chile have found a specific region of the brain that satisfies the interaction between the satiety signal and the stored energy signal, thus discovering how the b

Spiced goose processing technology

[Materials] Add a little salt and stir-fry until ready. Add about 60 kg of salt per 100 kg of water, put it into a saturated solution in a pot, add 200 g of pepper, 300 g of star anise, 500 g of fresh ginger, 400 g of cinnamon, 250 g of cumin, and 100 g of hot pepper. Serve old brine. [Preparatio

Walnut peeling green peel and drying method

1. Dehulling: Artificially knocked down harvested walnuts, more than 70% of the nuts with green peels, so once the harvest begins, must be harvested, with the peeling and drying, which is an important measure to ensure the quality of the nuts. Walnut with green skin, due to the insulation of the gr

Short-term fattening of beef cattle should avoid proble…

With the rapid development of the cattle industry, short-term fattening cattle continue to increase. More and more people use short-term fattening cattle as a good project to make a fortune, and they have achieved considerable economic benefits, but there are still some problems. To do a good job o