Cage chickens cleaning manure tricks

In the breeding practice, the traditional method of scraping manure was changed to use a woven bag to pick up manure, which saved time and labor and sanitation, reduced the occurrence of ammonia gas, and increased the utilization rate of chicken houses. The method is: cut the old woven bag with sci

Fruit trees are expensive in winter

In winter, almost all fruit trees' pests hide in wintering dens, stay fresh and enter hibernation, so this is the best season to prevent and treat fruit and tree pests once a year. The density of an overwintering pest determines the size of the disease and the amount of damage that will occur

Four Seasons Dishes Make the Most Health with Four Seas…

People often say that "Swiss Snow is a good year," and in the blink of an eye, it has already reached the "snowy" season. Snowfall is wider and bigger than snowfall. For people, it is also a good time for “tonic”, but how to make it up is correct? What to eat in the

Special agricultural insurance pilot work supported

In order to further strengthen the characteristics of agriculture in Jinzhai County, promote the healthy and orderly development of the economy in old areas, and increase the income of farmers and farmers, this year, the provincial departments took a variety of measures to actively support

Preservation of garlic with biogas slurry

Before garlic is sown, the garlic seeds are soaked with biogas slurry. Although the technique is simple, there are many advantages: firstly, it can raise seedlings earlier; second, it can promote robust growth at the seedling stage: the third is to enhance the cold, drought and disease resistance

Winter management of cherry tree seedlings

Although the survival rate of planting cherry seedlings is high, it is difficult for saplings to be safely overcrowded. The young shoots are dehydrated, shrinkage, and dry due to their poor wintering habits. The phenomenon of wintering and drawing of young cherry trees is more common, and most of

Snow, solar energy, drinking 4 kinds of tea, keeping wa…

What is the heavy snow in cold weather? How can snow health make the body warmer? Can eat more foods rich in sugar, fat, protein and vitamins, to supplement the energy consumed by the cold, qi and blood, nourish the body. Drinking tea is also a good way! Jujube tea Raw materials: Jujube amount.