Blue filter cleaning method

Blue filter cleaning method When the blue filter needs to be cleaned, unscrew the screw plug at the bottom of the main pipe, drain the fluid, remove the flange cover, and reload it after cleaning. Pressure test and test: The pressure of the filter water pressure test is

Problems to be noticed in pheasant farming

Pheasants are omnivorous birds based on plant feeds. The feed selectivity is not strong, and the general feed is like to eat, but it is particularly fond of eating pellets. Pheasants that have just hatched within two weeks need to be supplemented with animal proteins. This is a feature that forms

Zhou Yongtian Tiantang fish farming ideas

Zhou Yongjie is a professional fishery marketing customer of Bilian Township. He has set up business operations in the township farmers' market all year round. He has varieties such as flower squid, squid, black squid, squid, grass carp and local fish. According to reports, the local market pr

Air-conditioners eat five types of food

Some people are not easily exposed to heat stroke outside, and some people who stay in the air-conditioned room are always on the heat stroke, this is the high temperature outside the summer, stay in air-conditioned work to go home, or stay in the air-conditioned room, resulting in a long time doe

Cucumber cultivation mastered "four highs and four…

Cucumber seedlings have mastered “four highs and four lows”, enabling fast and neat seedlings, robust seedling growth, strong stress resistance, and low melon parts, which mature 7-10 days in advance and increase production by 20%-30%. The main points of the technical procedure are as

Eat beans can also kidney

Legumes mainly include lentils, concanavalins, peas, cowpeas, etc. Most people only know that they contain more high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids (good fat), minerals and vitamins are also higher than other vegetables, but not Know that they also have important medicinal value. Chi

Human phosphoinositide 3 kinase (PI3K) enzyme-linked im…

This reagent is for research use only : This kit is used to determine the content of phosphoinositide 3 kinase (PI3K) in human serum, plasma and related liquid samples . Experimental principle:   Determination of inositol phosphate 3 samples of human kinase (PI3K) This kit horizontal double-a