Lily bulbs how to fertilize can yield high yield

Lily is a perennial herb, its flowers can be used for ornamental purposes, and its bulbous medicine and food are also used. Ms. Tong from Quanjiao County, Anhui Province, asked: How does the lily planting bulbs grow in high quality and yield? A: Lilies are perennial plants and should be re-applie

Tiger Thorn Plum

The tiger thorn tree is a multi-plasma plant in the family Euphorbiaceae. Its stems are densely covered with long thorns. The leaves are needle-shaped and spring sprouts quickly. When the environment is unwell, they gradually fall off. The flower shape is small, the corolla is split, the flower is

Premature Decay and Fertilization Prevention Measures f…

Symptoms: Plant stems are fine, leaves are small, yellow leaves are plentiful, growth is weak, fruit setting is low, fruit development is poor, yield is low, and disease resistance and resistance are weakened. Analysis For the summer vegetables, improper fertilization is the main cause of prematu

Watch out for fertilizer packaging to guard against bul…

The national standard GB18382-2001 "Contents and Requirements for Fertilizer Identification" has made clear requirements for the specific content and specifications of the fertilizer packaging label. Taking compound fertilizers and organic fertilizers as an example, the contents of their

Emerald King

Species Name: Jade King Scientific name: Sedum marganianum Alias: Beads Origin: native to Mexico, many countries in the world have cultivated Features: The growth of succulent stems and stems, stem length up to 50cm, fleshy leaves with stem growth, the entire plant shape is similar to artifici


There are about 900 species of Impatiens in the world, which are mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical mountain areas. A few species are produced in the north temperate zone. There are about 200 species of Impatiens in China, which are mainly produced in the southwestern provinces and aut

Rotary tiller type

First, according to the knife shaft transmission mode: intermediate transmission rotary cultivator and side-drive rotary cultivator. Second, according to power transmission points: gear-driven rotary cultivators and belt-driven rotary cultivators. The chassis of the side-rotation gear-driven rot