Edible fungus strains simple preservation method

Edible fungus mycelium is fast and easy to mutate, and strains are difficult to preserve. Several new preservation methods that are effective and easy to implement are introduced. First, the liquid paraffin preservation method: the use of chemical liquid paraffin, autoclaved, placed in a 40 °C i

Gladiolus cutting and preservation

The most suitable time for cutting the gladiolus is to reveal one or two flowers at the base of the ear to reveal the color and to release it. Early cutting, the plant's own low sugar content, affect the quality of cut flowers, resulting in the whole plant floret can not be completely open from

Citrus Antifreeze and Post-Frozen Nursing Technology

1. The trunk is covered with white: After the orange trees are frozen, a large number of litters are easily caused, and the main trunk is exposed to sunlight and prone to sunburn. Lime, lime sulfur, salt and water can be used to paint the trunk. 2. Spraying and disease prevention: Subjects of froz

"Biodiesel" Plant Cultivation Breakthrough in…

New crop of biodiesel “seashore mallow”: Fuel grows in plants A few days ago, in the salt-tolerant economic plant research carried out in the saline-alkali land in the embankment of Dafeng County in Jiangsu Province, the seed germination and live seedling cultivation experiments of Amer

Making spicy canned soft cans

A large number of small fish caught on the shore are difficult to sell and are not storage-resistant. The use of traditional salting, dry processing, can not sell the price. How to do? Now introduce a new way to add value, that is, use these small fish to make spicy soft canned food. This soft cann

Freshwater shark farming technology

Freshwater sharks are also known as Pangasius, Fishhead, Tigerhead, Paddy, or Bajin fish, and are mainly distributed in Southeast Asia. They are newly introduced freshwater varieties. First, biological characteristics 1, body type and body color. Freshwater shark body color is black, white, gray,

Four simple methods for identifying agricultural oil

At present, a variety of counterfeit and inferior oil products flood the market and farmers suffer from it. Therefore, it is very necessary for the agricultural machinery households to determine the oil identification method. Identification of oil can be used to see, two smells, three touch, plus s