Feeding and management points for chicken brooding

The brooding house should be warmed up 2-3 days before picking up the chicken. When raising the temperature, attention should be paid to ventilation. After picking up the chicken, the temperature should generally increase by 0.5-1 degree. The suitable degree of the chickens in the book is 33-35 deg

Goldfish Algae Fertilizer (Algae Fertilizer Makes Your …

Goldfish Algae Fertilizer (Algae Fertilizer Makes Your Pepper Yields One More Level) The fertilizer effect of seaweed fertilizer is very good, and its application in planting has caused widespread concern among growers. Especially on vegetables, it performed extremely well. Here's an example

Bailing mushroom cultivation raw material ratio should …

Bailing Mushroom is a mushroom that has developed in recent years. Because of its short development history, there are still many problems in cultivation techniques. In particular, the total output has not been improved, and some mushroom farmers have cultivated Pleurotus citrinopileatus. Bioconve

Special animal breeding technology

Do you know how this flying geese domesticated? Do you know that this delicious geese needs feeding? Want to know here to come and study for free! ! All customers who join the company and purchase our products can receive free technical support and training from our company. Medical NebulizerUlt

Experts answer rabbit FAQs

Q: Does the mother’s blood have any effect on maternal constitution? Can continuous blood match? A: Blood mating bunnies constitution is certainly influential, but the impact of different sizes. Blood donation is not available for any female rabbits. If the female rabbit has fewer litters,

Jinbao Fertilizer Fertilizer (Why Fertilizer Fertilizer…

Jinbao Fertilizer Fertilizer (Why Fertilizer Fertilizer) For farmers' friends, organic fertilizer can be used directly for crop production. Why do you have to ferment it? Organic fertilizers contain a large number of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and other large

Grasp the changes in the solar terms to cultivate small…

Small Tail Han sheep are sensitive to cold and warm changes. According to the changes in solar terms, raising small tail Han sheep should pay attention to the following matters. Lichun: After the beginning of spring, it is necessary to seriously disinfect the housing, premises, and utensils to pr