Planting grape seedlings in spring for no reason so far

The villagers planted hundreds of grape seedlings in the spring, but after several months they still did not see germination. Seeing that the grape seedlings are withered, seed sellers say they "just sell saplings, no matter how the tree survives." In the early summer, the fields should

Fruit tree anti-frost freeze-ice technology

1. Bagging protection and seedling protection The fruit seedlings that have been planted in orchards can be covered with snakeskin bags or washed ammonium bicarbonate bags (such as lotus root) and cover tree seedlings; In the form of arches, a thin film is covered, and under the tree pockets, stra

Pigs feeding three observations

The feeding of newly weaned pigs is a very technical job, and the key is that the amount of feed should be appropriate. Because feeding too much or too little will affect its normal growth and development. Excessive feeding can easily lead to indigestion, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseas

苜蓿 Safe winter management measures

1, timely castration The last time a year's cuttings should be arranged between 1 and 1.5 months before the freezing, and still more than one month after the harvest is conducive to the accumulation of nutrients and safe wintering of the alfalfa and re-emergence of pasture in the following ye

Winter tea garden management technology

Winter tea garden management is an important agricultural technology measure. It is directly related to the quality, output, and benefits of tea in the following year. In order to improve the technical level of tea garden management, give full play to the production efficiency of tea gardens, and

Problems to be Noted in Dairy Feeding Silage

After 45 days of fermentation, silage that has entered the pit has become a soft, savory, nutritious, high quality silage. When officially feeding cows with silage, attention should be paid to the following issues in order to give full play to the role of silage, ensure the physiological health of

Diesel engine should be so water

This phenomenon may be related to the method of releasing water. With the advent of the winter, after the work of the S-series diesel engine with evaporation as the cooling method, the water discharge of the diesel engine has become an important link. If the water is not drained in time or the wat