Pest control of corn planting in summer

In the case of corn leaf blight, the amount of rainfall in July is generally related to the incidence of leaf blight. When the diseased plant rate reached 70%, the diseased leaf rate began to develop from the bottom up; the rainfall was early and the diseased plant rate rose early; otherwise it was

Introduction to the Five Steps of "Honey" Con…

1. Acceptance of raw material honey: The quality of raw material honey directly affects the quality of processed honey. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly test the color, odor, moisture content, honey seed, amylase value (freshness index), and pesticide residue of the raw material honey one by

The diagnosis and treatment of the physiology of lotus

The main reason why only the long stems do not bloom is that the plants are placed too shady; the second is the daily watering too much and the soil is too wet; the third is the excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer; the fourth is the pH value of the soil is too high. Insufficient sunlight a

Lotus root rot disease control

Lotus root disease, also known as blight disease and rot disease, is one of the most common and serious diseases occurring in the cultivation area of ​​lotus root. The disease mainly harms the underground stems and roots, and causes yellow leaves above the ground, withering in severe

Loofah high yield cultivation techniques

(1) Variety: There are many loofah varieties, such as Nanjing Long Loofah, Shanghai Xiang Loofah, Wuhan Baiyu Cream, Zhejiang Green Handle White Belly, Yunnan Horsetail Loofah, and our Changsha loofah, white loofah and other common loofahs. There is also a species of ribbed gourd, which is represen

How to make the shrimp breeding work?

Fresh meat is delicious and it is a rare aquatic product popular among the people. At present, the ponds raise shrimp, and the high-yield tangkou can produce more than 100 kilograms per mu. The value is about 5,000 yuan, and the production efficiency is considerable. Self-breeding and self-cultiva

Current Diseases and Control Techniques of North Pleuro…

1 Soft rot 1.1 Disease symptoms Culture material surface or mushroom body is covered with a layer of white cotton-like fungus lines, soft and soft but growing fast, gradually infected mushroom body from the base of the bacteria began to spread light brown disease state, mushroom body gradually sof