Pepper curl leaf disease prevention and treatment

The appearance of leaf curling and plant atrophy in peppers is a viral infection that is caused by the spread of ticks and can easily occur over large areas. In the peak period of the flowering of peppers, after infection with virus, the flowering was significantly reduced, the flowering and fruiting were very serious, the fruit setting rate was low, the yield was decreased, and even the fruit could not bear fruit. It was necessary to pay attention to prevention and control to protect the plants. The specific control methods are: When the plants with roll leaf atrophy appear, they must spray 60 times plant virus vaccine, 1000 times worms, 1500 times Shennong chelating fertilizer mixture, or 600 times virus virus, 1500 times every 7-10 days. Double broom net, 800 times the soil expert mixture, even spray 2 or 3 times, evenly wet all the leaves, in order to start dropping drops is appropriate, that is able to restore normal growth and flowering ability. In the case of plants that have not been shriveled, they must be sprayed once every 10 to 15 days with 600-fold virus A and 1000-fold mixture of L., or 600-fold plant virus vaccine and 1500-fold farmland music mixture. 3 times, there will be no more leaf curling and plant shrinkage.

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