Misunderstandings in agricultural machinery repair

Installing a cylinder head gasket. Butter Some robots prefer to apply a layer of butter to the cylinder block when installing cylinder head gaskets. This is believed to improve sealability. In actual fact, because the butter will melt when exposed to high temperatures, so that the cylinder head, cylinder block and cylinder head gap, the gas more easily leaked; butter met the high temperature produced by the coke will make the cylinder mat aging, increase the difficulty of assembly and disassembly, repair cause trouble. Installing the piston pin with an open flame heating piston because the piston pin seat is thick, the other parts are thin, the coefficient of thermal expansion when the open flame is warmed is very large, easy to deform the piston. In addition, the temperature of the open flame heating is difficult to control and the piston is heated unevenly. The proper way to warm up is to boil the piston in oil. Tighten the connecting rod screws without torque wrench. Most of the hands when tightening the connecting rod screws do not use torque wrenches, but use ordinary wrenches to tighten tightly.

Waist Heating Pad is similar to regular Heating Pad, but normally used specifically to relieve pains caused to human waist.

It is with a detachable controller with 4 temperature settings as option.

It will shut off automatically after 2 hours for the sake of safety.

Besides, the internal heating element also has the function of overheating protection, to ensure safety when people use it.

Below image as a reference:

waist heating pad

Waist Heating Pad

Heating Pad for Waist, Waist Heat Pad for Winter, Multi-Purpose Waist Heating Pad, Large Waist Heat Pad

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