Orchard winter tube loose

Most fruit trees enter dormancy during the winter, but the interior of the tree is still active. Therefore, winter orchards still need to be managed. prune. Peach, pear, grape and other deciduous fruit trees should be trimmed in time, usually before the Spring Festival. Mainly take short cuts, thinning, sparse buds and other measures. Young trees should also do a branching operation and prune them through the winter to cultivate a reasonably high yield tree.
Park. Reasonable garden closure can effectively reduce the orchard's overwintering base in the orchard. Deciduous fruit trees can be removed after pruning in winter orchard with dead branches, diseased leaves, stamens, leaves, etc.; scrape off branches and spots, protect wounds with 402 antibacterial agent 50 times; crown spray 95% oil emulsion 50 times or 45% crystal lime sulfur 30-50 times liquid closure garden. Evergreen fruit trees (citrus, etc.) can be sprayed with 95% oil emulsion 100-150 times liquid or 45% crystal lime sulfur 200-300 times. However, it should be noted that lime sulfur and oil emulsion cannot be applied at the same time, and the two should be separated by 20 days, otherwise it is easy to produce phytotoxicity.
Reasonable filling. In the orchard that lacks strains, it is necessary to make up for shortages in time. The deciduous fruit trees will be replanted before the Spring Festival and the evergreen trees will be replanted approximately two months after the Spring Festival.

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