Techniques for cultivation of straw mushroom in summer shed

First, temperature control

Straw mushroom is a kind of thermophilic thermophilic fungus, and the hot and cold climate is extremely unfavorable to fruit body growth. 3 to 4 days after sowing, the main insulation is used. With the increase of material temperature, especially when the material temperature is higher than 40°C, it is necessary to remove the film and lower the temperature so that the material temperature is controlled at 35°C-38°C, and the temperature is controlled at 30°C-32°C. When the fruit body is formed and the mushroom body is developed, the material temperature is maintained at 30°C-35°C, and the temperature is maintained at 28°C-32°C.

Second, humidity control

Before sowing, the boring machine shall be soaked with water. The mulch film on the ridges after sowing should not be uncovered in the first few days in order to maintain the moisture content of the culture material at 65% to 70% and the relative humidity of the air should be controlled at 85% to 90%. After 3 to 4 days after sowing, mycelium is basically full. If the air humidity in the booth is insufficient, 2% lime water may be sprayed once. The method is: the spray head is upward, so that the mist drops naturally, and the spray water temperature must be consistent with or slightly higher than the shelf temperature. The relative humidity of the air during the fruiting period requires more than 90%. Insufficient, the same can be sprayed into the air or irrigation to increase the humidity. Spray lightly, but do not spray water directly on the material. In particular, do not spray water on mushroom buds. In general, irrigation and water spray are combined. When watering, be careful not to wet the block; when spraying, try not to spray on the surface. The irrigation is usually done in a furrow so that the trampoline is wet to maintain the moisture content of the culture material; spraying into the space to increase the relative humidity of the air. The spray should use clean water, the temperature of the water is close to the temperature, and light spray and ground spray can be done.

Third, ventilation lighting

Straw mushroom is a kind of aerobic fungus, the mycelium has less aerobic during the growth period, and more oxygen is needed during the mushrooming stage. Greenhouse cultivation should pay attention to ventilation, but can not be ventilated too quickly, otherwise it will easily lead to sudden changes in temperature, is not conducive to the growth of straw mushroom, generally moderate air convection better. Ventilation during the fruiting period must be combined with water spray. The specific approach is: during the growth of mycelium, at noon every day to open a small part of the mulch covered on the material ridge, open the mushroom shed ventilation for 15 to 20 minutes. After the mycelium is covered with mash, the mulch is removed. During the mushrooming period, spray to the ground and space before ventilation, and then ventilate for about 20 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day. It is better to use scattered light for lighting. In the early stage of germination, the light should be weak, and it should be 4 to 5 days after planting until the end of mushrooming. It is appropriate to strengthen the light and the light intensity is suitable for reading newspapers. It is not suitable for direct sunlight.

Fourth, bacteria and pest control

Coprinus agaricus: Cultivation of straw mushroom should use fresh culture materials as much as possible, use it for 2 days before exposure, or soak the raw materials with lime water; control the nitrogen content of the culture material, and do not exceed 5 when adding wheat bran or rice bran. %, the livestock category Gong is suitable for 3%. Regardless of the raw materials used to cultivate mushroom, the best secondary fermentation, can greatly reduce the pollution of Comatus; fermentation control of the moisture content of culture materials within 70%, in order to ensure high-temperature fermentation to obtain high-quality heap material.

Mold: Common Trichoderma viride, Mucor and Streptomyces. The commonly used liquid for the control of molds is 1:200 times 50% carbendazim, 75% thiophanate-methyl, and lime water with a pH of 10. In addition, the use of lime in the pollution area is also very effective.

Mushroom Mushroom: Use 500 times fluid to kill scorpion; use 400 times detergent to spray 2 to 3 times continuously, also have a good killing effect.

Mushroom fly: Drainage ditch around the mushroom field, remove water, and regularly sprayed with 0.5% dichlorvos; culture materials for secondary fermentation, to kill the material larvae and eggs; with black light trapping effect is better.

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