Related to pit trophy and brick pool culture method

The pit raising and brick pool cultivation method is suitable for breeding ring hairs, labia genus, ursinus genus, and genus Aki. These types of earthworms, in addition to the pure organic materials required by Aiko Aishina, all other species are required to devour large amounts of soil, so they can dig directly or masonry pools in the open space or shade behind the houses in front of the houses. Farming. The depth of the pit or brick pool is generally about 50-60 cm, and the area is determined according to needs, and can be 2-3 square meters or 10-20 square meters. The fermented feed is layered into the pit or pool. The first layer of 15-20 cm thick feed was added to the bottom layer, and a layer of 10 cm of soil was placed on the ground. If there are more oysters, add 10 centimeters of feed to the soil and apply 10 centimeters of topsoil. Aquatic ringworms are required to maintain a soil moisture content of about 30%; heterolipa requires a humidity of 25% to 30%; Durham has a strong drought resistance and can generally be maintained at 22% to 25%. Usually, 2000-3000 William sirloin can be cultured per square meter (each with an average of 5.0 grams), weighing up to 10-15 kilograms, with a maximum density of 8,000 pieces per square meter and a weight of about 30 kilograms.

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