Discover the mechanism of intracerebral hemorrhage caused by stroke drugs

A stroke caused by a thrombus can be treated with a tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) drug, but this drug can also cause very bad side effects - intracerebral hemorrhage while dissolving the thrombus. In the journal Nature Medicine, which was published online a few days ago, researchers described a dangerous bleeding mechanism associated with thrombolytic enzymes.
Daniel Lawrence and colleagues report that injection of tissue-type plasminogen activator in the brain increases vascular permeability in the brain by activating a molecule called platelet-derived growth factor. The effect of injection of platelet-derived growth factor drugs on angiogenesis is similar to injection of tissue-type plasminogen activator.
They also found that the effect of platelet-derived growth factor is dependent on the activity of platelet-derived growth factor alpha receptors on brain cells in the cerebral vascular membrane. Imatinib is a platelet-derived growth factor alpha receptor inhibitor that is clinically used for the treatment of certain blood cancers and is effective in reducing vascular permeability and post-bleeding complications.
The researchers treated mice with imatinib and found a role for platelet-derived growth factor signaling in the regulation of the cerebral blood barrier, and suggested that the drug could be used as a potential drug to reduce tissue plasminogen activation. A stroke-related complication.

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