Encountered low temperature, rain, watermelon, preserved fruits and seedlings

The current weather changes frequently. When it is sunny, it is rainy, the rainfall is obviously larger, the rainy period is obviously longer, and the humidity in the field is large, so that the watermelon that is standing and bearing fruit grows too vigorously. The melon seedlings are long and the fruit setting rate is low and the disease is serious. Heavy rain damage is affecting the yield and quality of watermelon. In response to these circumstances, the melon farmers must protect the seedlings according to the actual situation and promote the high and stable yield of watermelons.

The first is to clear the ditch drainage. Watermelon is a drought-tolerant crop. Roots are soaked in water for 12 hours and the roots will rot. Therefore, in general, in addition to sorghum cultivation, watermelon should be connected to the main ditch and horizontal ditch in the rain, and the rain should be stopped to ensure root growth.

The second is to pick the heart of the melon shoots that grow vigorously or grow in length. For example, if the third female flower has not yet taken melon vines, the day when the weather is pollinated, the growing point can be removed at the point of melon vines, and the length is 1 cm. Do not pick the tips too long to ensure that the vines are still one. Female flowers bloom and pollination can continue. In addition, when the watermelon has large eggs, the melon vines are still long, but also to remove the melon vine growth point, so that the supply of nutrients concentrated watermelon growth, accelerated watermelon enlargement.

The third is to trim the vines that are overgrown and unable to set fruit, and to promote lateral vines. After the main vine is pruned, retain 2 to 3 lateral vines; after the side vines sit on the melons, select and grow the robust, melon-shaped melons, and strive for 1 to 2 pods per plant.

The fourth is artificial pollination. Because the watermelon sits in a high temperature and rainy season, in order to ensure that each watermelon can produce melons, artificial pollination should be taken. That is, before 9 o'clock on a sunny day, an anther of male flowers is applied on the stigma of the female flower. Each male flower. Can give 1 to 2 female flowers. When pollination is conducted on rainy days, a rainproof bag (made of kraft paper to make a megaphone) is used before the opening of the male and female flower. When the rain is stopped, the bag is pollinated and pollinated, then the female flower is put on a rainproof bag. Within 10 hours after pollination, If no rainstorm rushes into the rainproof bag, most female flowers can produce melons.

The fifth is to prevent and treat diseases. At present, the disease of watermelon leaves is very serious, and most of them are mainly anthrax, especially in poor drainage, poor ventilation and light transmission, and severe disease in continuous cropping. The disease is generally soil-borne bacteria. Under suitable conditions, the pathogens rely on rainwater or irrigation water to spread and directly invade the host epidermis. Near-ground watermelon leaves first became pathogenic, with the most severe onset at 95% relative humidity and 24°C. Watermelon anthracnose can use Bordeaux mixture 1:1:100 (lime, copper sulphate, water) or 300 times sulphur suspension, or 2000 powder, or 80% mancozeb. Wet powder 700 times for control. Generally spray 7 to 10 days, alternating use of drugs, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the application, the front and back of the blade should be sprayed.

Sixth, it is necessary to timely apply the quick-release fertilizer or make-up foliar fertilizer. As early rain, fertilizer dissolved and absorbed too fast, watermelon growth is too prosperous, likely to cause late growth and nutritional deficiencies, affecting watermelon yield and quality, it is necessary to timely application of quick-effect fertilizer or make-up foliar fertilizer.

Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS:

An advanced Non-Invasive Diagnostic Device for physical examination & analysis system, using the light wave resonance to scan and detect the functional status of the Human body or to trace the gradually formed abnormal conditions in the tissue, cell, chromosome, DNA helix, molecule or entire organ, then provides treatment.

Metatron Hunter 4025

Metatron Hunter 4025 Purpose:

The Metapathia-GR Hunter software can operate only with the telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing apparatus "Metatron" and its subsequent modifications. The telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing device is compatible with the IBM-type PCs and intended for studying reaction of a biological object to different types of the informational impact. "Metatron" allows correlating the measurement process with the process
affecting it and performs the following operations:

1) It measures J (0) which mirrors the change of the describing parameter, and the entropic potential relative to its initial value;
2) It transforms continuous signal J (0) with the preset intervals of frequencies into a histogram (a row of numerical values of scanned frequencies with serial numbers from 1.8 to 8.2 Hz.);
3) It sends the current W values to PC and displays the graph on the monitor simultaneously with its impact on the examinee.
4) It accumulates the W value in its memory unit, if observing the histogram is more convenient upon completion of the measurements;
5) It issues the scale-correlated commands required for regulating the effect on the examinee at testing;
6) It transmits the W values from the unit into PC memory upon completion of the measurements and saves them in unit memory of prior to the
beginning of recording data of the next measurements.

Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS

Main functions:

Bacterial research Ultrastructure

Identifying of nidus borders Vegeto-test

Smart-filter Entropy analysis NLS analysis

Comparative analysis

Metatron Hunter 4025

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