Goose farm water source selection four principles introduced

Goose is a waterfowl and geese should choose to build a site where there is a steady and reliable source of water. Grazing, bathing and mating of geese are inseparable from water. Therefore, natural water resources should be used as much as possible when constructing a farm. Usually, they should be built on rivers, ditches, ponds and lakes. The selection of water sources for goose farms should generally follow the following four principles:
1. Adequate water quantity: The water quantity of the water source can meet the domestic water consumption of the people in the field, drinking water for goose drinking and feeding, as well as the firefighting and irrigation needs, taking into account the needs of fire prevention and future development. The water consumption of livestock and poultry farms is affected by many factors. Due to the large differences in conditions, China has not adopted uniform standards. It is generally believed that the domestic water consumption of workers can be calculated as 24 to 40 liters per person per day; the water consumption of geese is 1.25 liters per day; the fire water consumption is calculated as 10 liters per second; the fire delay time is considered as 2 hours; the irrigation water should be considered According to the site greening, feed cultivation conditions. In particular, it should be noted that the amount of water can also be met during the dry season.
2. Good water quality: In addition to the centralized water supply (such as local town water supply) as the water source, the water source that is generally selected in situ is difficult to meet the required standards, so it must be purified and disinfected before reaching the “Poultry Drinking Water Quality Standard”. .
3, easy protection: The sanitation conditions around the water source should be better to ensure that the water quality of the water source is always in good condition. When surface water is used as a source of water, the water intake point should be located upstream of industrial and mining enterprises and towns.
4. Easy access: less equipment investment, simple and easy processing technology, and economical and reasonable. There are generally 3 main categories of water sources selected by the goose farms:
(1) Surface water. Surface water generally includes water contained in rivers, rivers, lakes, ponds and reservoirs. These waters are mainly composed of precipitation or underground spring water, and their water quality and water quantity are easily affected by natural factors and human factors, which often cause disease epidemics or chronic poisoning. Where conditions permit, it is best to select a large amount of flowing surface water as a source of water. Drinking surface water generally requires artificial purification and disinfection.
(2) Groundwater. Groundwater is formed by the storage of precipitation and surface water through the formation's percolation. Because most of the impurities are filtered out during the infiltration process, and because it belongs to a closed source of water, there is less chance of contamination and the amount of water and water is relatively stable. Therefore, it is a better source of water. However, in the process of percolation, groundwater is generally affected by the geochemical composition of the formation. Groundwater generally contains certain mineral components, and its hardness is greater than that of surface water, and sometimes it also contains some mineral poisons. When choosing groundwater, you should pay attention to these issues.
(3) Precipitation. Precipitation comes in the form of rain, snow, etc., landing on the ground. When it agglutinates and descends in the atmosphere, it absorbs various impurities and soluble gases in the air and is thus contaminated. The more serious the air pollution is, the more serious the precipitation is. Precipitation collection is not easy, storage is difficult, and water is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, except for arid areas, it is generally not suitable for the water supply of the goose farm.

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