Production of Agaricus bisporus cultivation materials strictly control the temperature

Production of Agaricus bisporus planting material strictly controls the growth temperature of the Agaricus bisporus culture material (cultivation material) to a large extent by the growth temperature, and its principle of composting is the use of microorganisms (especially functional microbes in specialized strains such as goldfish The growth and reproduction activities of various functional bacteria in the starter culture produce a large amount of heat, and a large number of metabolites produced during the biochemical reaction process to destroy the tissue of the straw or other fiber materials, so that the surface of the straw surface is rapidly dewaxed and softened, and becomes It is more convenient and easier to absorb moisture and evenly mix the components to balance nutrition. The breakage of cellulose in edible mushroom cultivation materials mainly depends on the activity of microorganisms. The stock piles cannot be too high or too wide, nor too low or too narrow. The high temperature of the stack can reach 80-90°C, and the most suitable temperature for the decomposition of cellulose by the general microorganism is 50-65°C. When the stack temperature exceeds 70°C, the decomposition of the fiber-decomposing bacteria generally stops when the temperature exceeds 80°C. Most microorganisms can be killed at °C, and at this high temperature, some of the decomposed nutrients are easily destroyed or dissipated and the water evaporates. But of course, when the material piles are too small, piles are not easy to retain moisture, and it is not easy to accumulate heat, and the stack temperature is too low, which is unfavorable to the normal decomposition activities of microorganisms. Therefore, when making use of the golden babe edible fungus fermentation material to make the cultivation material, it is necessary to pay attention to properly control the temperature and timely overturn. The golden baby edible mushroom culture material fermentation auxiliary (Fermentabilitymicrobe), belongs to the domestic first natural compound fermentation bacterial agent, after high-tech screening, Purification, rejuvenation and other special processes, while absorbing the essence of the United States, Japan and South Korea and other international high-end micro-engineering technology and process, made by Seiko.

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