Zhuge cuisine (Figure)

Specifications Model: Height 10-50 cm

Product category: Joe shrub

Product introduction: The common name is February, blue and green winter flowers are excellent, high 10-50 cm, with white powder. Leaves sometimes vary greatly; basal leaves and lower cauline leaves broadly winged, with large lobes chiefly lobed, rounded or ovate, lateral lobes small, 1-3 pairs, oblong, entire or dentate Inflorescences terminal; racemes terminal 5 flower talk purple, about 2 cm in diameter; sepals lavender, linear lanceolate; flowering March-April, fruiting period April-May.

Suitable for growing in large areas in East China, North China and Central China, Zhugecao has strong cold resistance, green leaves in winter and spring flowering, extensive management, and strong self-seeding ability. Once sowing, it benefits every year. It is an excellent source of coverage for forest parks, urban park green spaces, forest edge roadsides, riparian land, and garbage disposal sites. Usually 3-4 grams of seeds per square meter.

In addition to the February flowers, winter green leaves for ground cover, the tender stems and leaves can be eaten as wild herbs.

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