Emerald King

Species Name: Jade King

Scientific name: Sedum marganianum

Alias: Beads

Origin: native to Mexico, many countries in the world have cultivated

Features: The growth of succulent stems and stems, stem length up to 50cm, fleshy leaves with stem growth, the entire plant shape is similar to artificially produced agate beads, is a beautiful indoor hanging flowers.

Habits: Perennial succulents. Hi warm and semi-negative environment, avoid direct light, suitable for loose sandy loam growth. Indoor potted plants were selected from the same amount of cultured soil as straw and sand.

Cultivation: cutting propagation. The twigs were cut directly into the Susan temperature bed, and they germinated at 25°C for 25 days. More extensive management and cultivation. The lack of sunlight, stems and leaves easy to grow, affecting the viewing effect.

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