South American narcissus

South American narcissus, also known as the Amazon lily. Elegant posture, slim. The flowers are large, white, and fragrant. They are the best for indoor potted flowers.

South American daffodils are perennial herbaceous flowers. Broad leaves, dark green and shiny. Calyx 50-60 cm long, terminal umbel, with 5-7 flowers. The flowers are pure white, with a flower diameter of 7.5 cm and aromatic. The corolla tube is cylindrical, with a corolla in the center, and the petals are star-shaped. Flowering season winter and spring.

South American narcissus native to Colombia and Peru. High temperature and humidity and light scattering environment, afraid of strong light exposure. Not cold. The wintering temperature needs to be maintained above 16~C. Suitable for growing in loose and fertile sandy loam.

South American daffodils are commonly used for seeding and sowing. The ball breeding is carried out in the spring with a change basin. The ball around the cue ball is peeled off, and the basin is replaced.

Potted South American narcissus should use sandy soil with rich humus. The plants that just divide the pots on the ball should be less watered, and then gradually increase the amount of water after the leaves are germinated. If the room temperature can be maintained at 20 °C ~ 25 °C, each winter, spring, autumn flowers can be 3 times. There is a short-term sleep after each flowering and this should be kept reasonably dry. In other growing seasons, it is important to keep the basin moist and apply it once every 10 days. South American narcissus is a neutral flower, generally more than 50% shade, in order to grow well. Therefore, in summer, shade should be taken to prevent exposure to strong light, and in the spring and autumn, put light in the room. In the winter in the northern area, there should be sufficient light in the room and attention should be paid to ventilation. It is best to change the basin once a year in the early spring. Add new culture soil and add base fertilizer to replace nutrients when changing basins.

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