Premature Decay and Fertilization Prevention Measures for Vegetable Plants in Summer

Symptoms: Plant stems are fine, leaves are small, yellow leaves are plentiful, growth is weak, fruit setting is low, fruit development is poor, yield is low, and disease resistance and resistance are weakened.

Analysis For the summer vegetables, improper fertilization is the main cause of premature plant failure. If the use of organic fertilizer is not paid attention before planting, it will lead to defertilization and premature senescence in the later stages of plant growth. At the same time, if one does not pay attention to the application of organic fertilizer, adding chemical fertilizer one-sidedly will often cause soil compaction and reduce the permeability of soil. It is easy to cause poor growth and development of roots, causing premature senescence; excessive flushing with nitrogen fertilizers results in root injury, making the plants thin, stunted, and causing premature senescence. If the roots are not injured, they are prone to plant leggy and cause premature failure of the crops; The resulting increase in the concentration of soil solution, resulting in salt damage, affecting root growth, and thus leading to plant growth, the lack of supply of water and nutrients, causing premature aging.

Prevention In order to prevent vegetable root injury, we must put an end to the above fertilization methods, so that scientific fertilization. Scientific fertilization: Based on the application of organic fertilizer, according to the growth needs of crops appropriate application of chemical fertilizer, can not be partial nitrogen fertilizer. For example, if tomato is fertilized during the result period, the ratio of nitrogen to potassium is the most suitable for 1:2, and 30 kg of compound fertilizer can be used for each acre. Remedy: After the crop has developed premature aging, it should be remedied by a combination of spraying and irrigation. Spraying, foliar spray foliar fertilizer. The foliar spray can be performed with nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium nutrient foliar fertilizer mixed with 400 times cytokinin. Under irrigation, the rooting agent or microbial fertilizer is applied to promote the growth of the root system and enhance the ability of the root system to absorb water and fertilizer. After the plants have returned to normal, follow the requirements for crop growth and top-dressing in time.

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