Tiger Thorn Plum

The tiger thorn tree is a multi-plasma plant in the family Euphorbiaceae. Its stems are densely covered with long thorns. The leaves are needle-shaped and spring sprouts quickly. When the environment is unwell, they gradually fall off. The flower shape is small, the corolla is split, the flower is red, and the flowering stage is Longer, but with the highest florescence in early spring and February, it is a good ornamental flower in early spring. Tiger thorn plum is also called 麒 Pengmu, Tiehai 棠, its flower shape resembles plum, the flowering period is suitable before and after Christmas, it is also called Christmas plum. It is native to tropical Africa and can be planted in the subtropics of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Guangxi, and is planted in greenhouses in other parts of the country. Family cultivation is mostly based on the concept of flowers. Tiger thorn plum is collected on the upper part of school strips, and the lower part of the branches is less. Therefore, if you want to blossom more, you must promote more branches. That is, when the seedlings begin cutting, promote branching. The soil that cultivates the tiger's thorns is suitable for loose, fertile and strong water permeability. It is possible to use a mixture of cultivating sifted earthworm, river sand, and humus soil as well as rotted manure. The propagation method is after the spring flowers, cut 10 centimeters of the cutting tip of the treaty as a cutting, cut the mouth of the flow of white milk, should be cleaned or dried, then a small amount of grass charcoal disinfection, inserted in clean prepared soil, After inserting it in a warm place, watering should not be done to keep the soil a little wet. About two months later, after rooting, they can continue to cultivate until the arrival of the spring planting pots. When the young seedlings are on the basin or the old one, the drainage holes shall be well-paved, and appropriate horseshoes or hoof shells shall be placed on the bottom of the basin as base fertilizer. Tiger prosperous plum sun, do not like the flood, dim when the sun is insufficient, the soil is too wet or long-term water is easy to rot, maintenance should control the amount of water on weekdays, basin soil should be in semi-dry state, should be during growth Apply thin liquid fertilizer once a week to promote vigorous growth. When wintering indoors, room temperature must not be lower than 8°C.

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