Viewing native tree species - Mufu Rong (Figure)

Hibiscus hibiscus, also known as hibiscus flower, is a deciduous tree or shrub of the genus Malvaceae which is 2 to 5 meters high. Stems stellate hairy and pubescent. Leaves broadly ovate, palmately 3-lobed to 5-lobed, base cordate, margin shallowly blunt, with two stellate hairs. Flowers large, single branch leaf blade. Corolla white or reddish, dark red later, single or double, pedicel 5 cm to 8 cm long, proximal nodes. Flowering September to October. The cultivars include: pink, single or half-height red hibiscus and double-leaved hibiscus; yellow-yellow yellow hibiscus; red and white hibiscus hibiscus; double-flowered, multi-hearted seven-star hibiscus; , After opening the white, it turns reddish dark red to drunk Hibiscus.

Hibiscus is native to China, and the Yellow River basin has been cultivated in all provinces in southern China, especially in Sichuan and Hunan. Chengdu and Hunan in Sichuan are known as the “Hibiscus Town” and “Hibiscus Country” respectively. It is hi light, but also slightly shade-tolerant, hi warm and humid climate, slightly less cold resistance, avoid drought, waterlogging, pruning, rapid growth, strict requirements on the soil, can grow in poor soil. North China is often cultivated in greenhouses.

Hibiscus hibiscus has large flowers, long flowering period, vigorous flowering, many varieties, and rich flower colors. It is a very good flowering tree species. It is water-resistant and wet, and gardens should be planted on the banks of rivers, banks, ponds, lawns, roadsides, forest margins, slopes, buildings, or as hedges.

Hibiscus is commonly used for cutting and battening, and it can also be planted and planted. Transplantation is easy to survive, strong growth, multiple branches, poor tree shape, need to pay attention to trim. The seedlings on the ground in winter plants are cold and withered. It can be cut from the roots in the early winter to protect the roots from freezing damage. It will germinate again after the beginning of spring and the branches and leaves will be dense.

The chair side CAD / CAM repair system has obvious advantages in aesthetic effect, operation time, patient participation and operation convenience. Discussion: traditional repair method: after the model is transferred, it will be sent to the technician's room for processing and making the final prosthesis. About one week, the final prosthesis will be tried on, grinded and bonded. The prosthesis was made in the technician's room. The patients need to accept the aesthetic effect of the prosthesis passively without any sense of participation. The implant repair method of chair side CAD / CAM system: obtain computer three-dimensional model by blue light scanning method, design and make personalized abutment and all ceramic restoration on computer, dye, glaze and bond after trial wearing, the whole restoration is made by chair side, patients can directly participate in the restoration design, and feel more involved. Conclusion: in the implant area of the anterior teeth, compared with the traditional implant repair method, the chair side repair system can get more satisfactory results, which is worthy of clinical application and promotion.

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