The diagnosis and treatment of the physiology of lotus

The main reason why only the long stems do not bloom is that the plants are placed too shady; the second is the daily watering too much and the soil is too wet; the third is the excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer; the fourth is the pH value of the soil is too high. Insufficient sunlight and excessive nitrogen fertilizer can cause plants to grow in length and adversely affect the differentiation of flower buds. Too much watering is not conducive to the utilization and utilization of carbohydrates. Soil pH is too high and affects flower formation. The solution is to move the flowerpot to more light-scattered and well-ventilated areas. Watering should be based on the principle of wetness between the stems and be properly controlled. Appropriate amount of fertilization, especially in the bud to increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Change pots and soils timely to keep the pH in good condition. The actual condition of the yellow stem of the metamorphosis stems from the direct positioning of the flowerpot due to its improper position. The solution is to place it outdoors in sunny spring and autumn, and in semi-shaded and ventilated place in summer, or in indoor air circulation and in a certain sunny place. In addition, if the plant suffers from spider mites, it will also turn yellow. In this regard, we must first improve the ventilation conditions of the plants, and second, we must observe them at any time. Once we find pests, we use omethoate to kill them.

Low Pesticide Residues GoJi Berries

Low Pesticide Residues GoJi Berries come from Ningxia.Qinghai. Since the GoJi Berries are picked and carefully sorted by size and quality our mission is to provide our customer with the highest possible quality without any contaminant.

Private label Low Pesticide Residues GoJi Berries

Goji Berry or Wolf Berries are one of the most popular superfoods and grow in Ningxia.Qinghai. The products are sorted and picked carefully by our farmers, after sorting the products are prepared for consumption. Before we ship them to our customers, we firstly analyze the Low Pesticide Residues GoJi Berries for any contaminant! Only the Low Pesticide Residues GoJi Berries are imported after approval of the analysis.

 Why Low Pesticide Residues GoJi Berries?

Low Pesticide Residues GoJi Berries are mostly known as the anti-aging berrie andknown to provide energie. Also, the GoJi known for its libido enhancing properties. GoJi are mainly grown in China and has the similar taste to the Cranberry.


Low Pesticide Residues GoJi is available in different types of shapes and sizes, usually we deliver the size 220/280/320/350 and  so on, but can also supply other sizes. GoJi is also available as a powder or juice powder!

Product Description




dried Low Pesticide Residues goji berry


220grains, 280grains, 320grains, 350grains, 360grains,380grains, 500grains,580grains,600grains



Payment & Shipping Terms:

T/T or D/P at sight.


Bulk 4X5KGS/CTN; 11MTS/20GP 2X10KGS/CTN; 11MTS/20GP;12.5MTS/20GP

Minimum Order Quantity:

500 Kilograms

 Packaging & Shipping

1. Bulk 4bags*5kgs/CTNS; 11MT/20GP

2.As clients requirements

Low Pesticide Goji Berry

Low Pesticide Goji Berry,Mechanical Dried Goji Berry,Oval Goji Berry,Low Pesticide Wolfberry