How to buy flat tea frying machine products

The majority of tea farmers bought a flat tea frying machine mainly to solve the seasonal labor shortage, get rid of the traditional manual production mode, reduce the workload; improve the quality of tea frying, in order to increase income and increase efficiency. As a tea machine for production materials, it often takes a few years or even more than a dozen years. If it is improperly purchased, it will bring unnecessary troubles and even cause unnecessary losses. Therefore, how to buy a flat tea frying machine is provided as follows References: 1. When purchasing, you should consider choosing a product that is manufactured by a regular company or a product that is a little known. At present, there are a large number of flat tea frying machine companies in our province, with about 100 or more, mainly in Luan, Xinchang, Zhangzhou, Linhai and other places. However, there are less than 10 enterprises in the mass production, and there are obvious signs on the external packaging of the products produced by the regular enterprises that need to be reminded. (On the products marked with labels, priority can be given to the purchase. It is advisable to have a reputable purchase when purchasing. The company or directly to the manufacturer to purchase, can not be coveted and cheap, to prevent dealers selling fake and shoddy products under the low-priced guise.1.The product is affixed with diamond-shaped "agricultural machinery promotion and identification", the certificate is from Zhejiang Province, agricultural machinery The appraisal station audits the production conditions of the production company, reviews the company’s technical documents, and issues a quality inspection of the company's products and issues them after the user's survey has passed. The validity period is three years. The tag is actually a sign of product quality. When purchasing the flat-shaped tea frying machine, users are given priority to the “Agricultural Machinery Promotion and Appraisal” product issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Agricultural Machinery. 2. Look for the factory name, site and trademark. As mentioned earlier, due to the current flat tea in the province There are many frying machine production companies, some manufacturers will use the name of the factory, site and trademark to flood the market. In this case, users Can be confused by this kind of appearance, but to make comparison choices, if only the vague "Chinese? 钡 钡 ?? 蛟诓? 昱粕 昱粕 昱粕 19 19 vinegar 19. 髌笠 曜 嗪 嗪 嗪 嗪 蚓 蚓 蚓 蚓 蚓 ι ι "Fashion" 骸 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 3. The closer the date is, the more advanced and reliable the product should be.Users generally choose some flat tea frying machines that are close to the production year.4.Look at the appearance of the flat tea frying machine.See if the paint is beautiful, the appearance should be smooth and smooth, no Corrosion, whether there are defects in the parts.Second, when purchasing flat tea frying machine, it is also necessary to test machine, check the quality of the corresponding moving parts and temperature control system.The following points should be noted when testing machine: Machine operation: Check whether the clutch handle is separated, whether the connection is reliable, whether the safety device is normal, whether there is abnormal noise, etc. 2. Check the leakage protection device: Can it be disconnected (opened) in case of a short circuit. Control System: Adjust Temperature switch, see if there is a change in the temperature reading (Note: temperature rise or fall), to determine whether it is normal.Three, other 1, after the purchase to check the accessories and special tools are complete, product manual, three packs of cards 2, after the purchase to obtain a formal sales invoice, which can prepare for quality disputes in the future, according to the State Economic and Trade Commission and other five ministries and commissions issued by the "agricultural products return, replacement, repair provisions" (commonly known as three bags The important proofs of 3.) After requesting the product instruction manual, the necessary maintenance, maintenance, and operation shall be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions.

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