Introduction to the Five Steps of "Honey" Concentrate Processing Technology

1. Acceptance of raw material honey: The quality of raw material honey directly affects the quality of processed honey. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly test the color, odor, moisture content, honey seed, amylase value (freshness index), and pesticide residue of the raw material honey one by one. The amylase value is generally required to be above 8.
2. Melting: The raw honey is heated at a temperature of 60-65 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, and it should be stirred from time to time to melt the honey under the condition of uniform heat and heat.
3. Filtration: Keep the temperature of the heated honey at about 40 degrees Celsius so that it can pass through multiple filters and remove impurities and a small amount of larger crystals. And it should be as far as possible in the sealing device pressure filtration, in order to shorten the heating time and reduce the loss of flavor.
4. Vacuum Concentration: Choose a suitable vacuum concentration device to concentrate honey at a vacuum of 720 mmHg and evaporating temperature of 40-50 degrees Celsius so that the loss can be minimized. In the process of concentration, the fragrance recovery device is used to recover the aromatic volatile substances and re-dissolve them into the finished honey to maintain the unique aroma of honey.
5. Cooling: Cool the concentrated honey as soon as possible to maintain the quality of honey. In order to speed up the cooling, it is better to perform forced circulation and stirring cooling. The moisture content of processed honey should be stable within the range of 17.5-18%. When storing honey, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature environment, and always pay attention to dryness and ventilation. Do not store odor items with it.

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