Sweet and sour garlic processing

The processing of sweet and sour garlic includes raw material selection, peeling, salting, changing cylinders, drying, batching, pickling, and packaging.
The raw materials used for processing sweet and sour garlic should be bulbs with neat, fat, fresh skin, and tender garlic. Sort them by sorting, that is, 20 per kilogram of special grade, 30 per kilogram of grade A, and 30 per kilogram outside.
Peeling: Cut off the roots and stems with a knife, peel the garlic covered with garlic, rinse in clean water and drain.
Salting: It is marinated with 100kg of fresh garlic and 10kg of salt. Sprinkle a layer of bottom salt in the marinated tank, then press a layer of garlic salt, marinate the half cylinder, and then remove a layer of salt on the surface.
Change the cylinder: change the purpose of the cylinder so that the upper and lower parts of the garlic marinated evenly. Prepare a clean cylinder with the same capacity as a cylinder change. Change the cylinder every morning and evening until the brine can flood 3/3 of all garlic. At the same time, it is necessary to plan a small hole in the central part of the garlic so that the vegetable brine can flow into the hole. Usually, the vegetable brine in the hole is poured onto the surface of the garlic. After 15 days of such management, it is salty garlic.
Drying: Remove the salty garlic from the jar and place it on a bamboo mat to dry it. It is advisable to dry it until it is reduced by 30% to 35% of its original weight. Turn it once a day during the sun, put it indoors at night or cover it with rain cloth to prevent rain.
Ingredients: For every 100kg of salted garlic that has been sun-dried, use white vinegar 70kg and sugar 32kg. Ingredients are first heated to 80 ° C white vinegar, add sugar to dissolve, and some also added a little three Chennai, star anise and other spices.
Marinated: Put the salty garlic head into the altar, gently squeeze it, and when it is mounted on the jars 3/4, inject the sweet and sour liquid with the above ingredients into the jar. When it is full, the weight of the garlic head and the liquid soap is basically the same. At the side of the altar neck, a few bamboo pieces were strung to prevent the garlic from floating. Then, the altar mouth was tied with a plastic film or oil-paper, and a wooden board was added. Then the altar mouth was coated with a triple and sealed. After 3 months, the garlic is mature, if the time is longer, the quality of the finished product is better. Sealed garlic can be stored for long periods of time.
Quality requirements: The finished product is required to be milky or milky yellow, sweet and sour, and crisp.

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