Classification and use of Oden machine

Classification and use of Oden machine

The Oden cooking machine is a snacking equipment for special cooking. It can be used to cook a variety of seafood, meatballs, and vegetables using special soups. Then it is skewered with bamboo sticks. The taste and style are varied and it is very popular among diners. . Today, I will introduce the price and usage of the Oden machine.

The classification of Oden machine is not divided according to the appearance style. It is divided into wooden box Oden machine, stainless steel Oden machine, and wooden house Oden machine. According to the machine number, it is divided into nine grids, twelve grids, eighteen grids, etc. It is divided into electric heating type and gas type.

How to use the Oden cooking machine, first add the water to the grid, then add the special soup, stir it evenly and heat it again; put the meatballs to be boiled in hot water and put them in, then add some seasonings. Cook for half an hour until boiling, and change the heating of the machine to heat. In the process of sale, the soup is replenished in time, and the shelf life of different foods is controlled.

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