Can salt water bubble fruits and vegetables wash off pesticide residues?

Pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables are a common concern among consumers. So many people like to put some salt when cleaning fruits and vegetables, and think that they can better remove pesticides. Is this true?

Salt, also known as sodium chloride, is relatively stable in nature, and the aqueous solution is neutral. It is difficult to chemically react with chemicals such as pesticides, and of course it does not function to remove pesticides. Add some salt when soaking fruits and vegetables, and there is not much difference between the effect of using water directly. At present, the pesticides allowed by the state are relatively low in toxicity, and the state has strict regulations on pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits, and the fruits and vegetables themselves can also degrade the pesticides to a certain extent, so the fruits and vegetables that are bought are cleaned with water. Can be safe to eat.

When cleaning fruits and vegetables, you can rinse them with running water first, then soak for 15 minutes, then remove them and rinse them with water. It is worth noting that the longer the soaking time, the more pesticides are removed. On the contrary, long-term soaking will cause the pesticide to be reabsorbed by fruits and vegetables.

If you feel that the water is not safe to wash, you can choose to add some edible alkali or baking soda, because most pesticides used in China are acidic, such as organophosphorus pesticides and carbamate pesticides. Alkali cleaning can neutralize acidic pesticides. Good for removal. Some people are used to washing fruits and vegetables with rice water, because the rice water is also weakly alkaline, which also helps to decompose acidic pesticides.

In addition to adding alkali, add some fruit and vegetable detergents. The active ingredient of the fruit and vegetable detergent is a surfactant that helps remove the pesticide that penetrates into the waxy layer, but care should be taken to rinse off and avoid detergent residue.

Peeling is a very effective way to reduce pesticide residues, but not all fruits and vegetables can be peeled, and this method can also cause certain nutrient losses. Is it clean and skinned, or directly peeled to eat, but also look at the personal choices after weighing the pros and cons.

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