Maintenance of fresh fruits and vegetables and meat equipment

In the daily management of the supermarket, the focus of our work is often concerned with more products, but it is often neglected for some hardware equipment. The maintenance purpose of fresh equipment is for normal operation and cost control, and the maintenance work is done well and not well. Directly affecting our normal operations, cost control and performance, and in large cases may threaten the personal safety of employees when they work, so we must pay attention to management. Now that the Spring Festival holiday and the sales peak have passed, have the maintenance, maintenance and cleaning of many of our stores been kept up? Now, I would like to talk to you about how to maintain, maintain, maintain and pay attention to the equipment. I hope to help you.

As we all know, there are quite a lot of equipment investment in the fresh area of ​​our store, and there are many types. In terms of functions, it can be divided into: mobile devices and non-mobile devices. Mobile devices such as electronic scales, sealers, work benches, cutting boards, knives, etc.; non-mobile devices such as meat grinders, ovens, etc.

(1) Maintenance content

1. Fresh raw meat grinders, electronic scales and other equipment should have an operation manual, and sign a maintenance contract with the manufacturer to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

2. Refrigeration and refrigeration equipment should have operational specifications for troubleshooting and maintenance;

3, open display of the freezer, cold storage must have operational specifications, paying particular attention to temperature control;

4. Workbench, knives and other instruments used for fresh products should be made of stainless steel with the contact surface of the product.

(two) maintenance methods

1, to have the correct method of operation, to understand the performance and operation methods, the equipment should be internship before use, in accordance with the instructions and precautions;

2, electrical equipment is strictly prohibited to wash with strong water, so as to avoid short circuit, the danger occurs;

3, easy to wear parts should always apply lubricants to ensure normal operation;

4. When weighing electronic scales and weighing equipment, do not exceed the weight range. Wipe the print head with alcohol when cleaning. The electronic scale should be cleaned once a week.

5, clean and clean the rotten leaves and blood water remaining in the freezer every day, be sure to wipe clean, and clean the cleaning freezer every month;

6. After using the equipment, it must be cleaned daily and kept clean.

7. When the tool is not in use, it should be polished with a sharpening bar, and then sharpened with a sharpening stone. The cutting board should be cleaned in the morning, evening and evening to remove the meat in time to avoid bacterial growth. Do not clean from early to late.

8. Display cabinets and refrigerators should be wiped daily and remove residual items;

9. Sealing machine and continuous bag holder should be kept clean and wiped daily;

10, shopping carts, baskets should be cleaned once a week, pay attention to check whether the wheels are wrapped with debris, wear and so on.


1. The equipment must be handled by a special person or by a person;

2. If an accident occurs in the operation of the electrical equipment, the power supply must be cut off in time.

3, mechanical equipment can not be dismantled at random, failure to have professional disassembly and maintenance.

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