How to adjust the distance and precautions

Under different operating conditions, agricultural tractors should adjust the driving wheel track to ensure the quality of work.
First, a few kinds of job conditions wheel alignment
1. Transportation operation: Adjust the wheelset of drive wheel to the maximum position and the vehicle is running steadily.
2. Rotary tillage operation: When using rotary tires on dry land, if rubber tires are used, the wheelbase should be small, and a 630mm wheelbase can be used. In the paddy field, the maximum track distance should be used to ensure that the wheels do not collide with the rotary cultivator when turning.
3. During the ploughing operation, the wheelbase is re-adjusted according to the total width of the ploughshare, and the maximum track width is generally used. However, in order to avoid leakage, the right drive wheel must be moved inward. Move-in method: Remove the wheel hub. The drive wheel is firstly inserted into the axle shaft according to the position of the big wheel, and the wheel hub is installed according to the small track distance.
4. In other operations, adjust the wheelbase according to the job requirements and the row spacing of the crops.
Second, the track adjustment method and precautions First, loosen the four drive wheel fixing nut, remove the drive wheel assembly. Loosen the two wheel hub clamping bolts, loosen the set screws, and remove the wheel hub. Then the wheel hub is placed at different positions on the half shaft according to the wheel spacing required by the operation and aligned with the positioning holes on the half shaft. The head of the set screw must be aligned with the counterbore that drives the axle shaft. And the drive wheel, wheel hub and axle must be reliably connected. In addition, the left and right driving wheels can be exchanged with each other to change the track pitch according to the operating requirements. Pay attention to the tires can not be installed in the opposite direction. Finally tighten the tightening bolts of each part according to the specified torque.

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