How to choose juicer equipment?

Walking down the street, fruit shops can be found everywhere, and the fruits in the store are varied. Some people prefer to eat fruit directly, while others prefer to make fruit juice through juice extraction equipment. Compared with other businesses, your juice is safer and healthier. To this end, related juice extraction equipment is also increasingly favored by the market. However, due to the emergence of juicer equipment on the market, such as juicers, cooking machines, juice machines, and wall breaking machines. So how do users choose?

As consumption escalates, there is an increasing demand for healthy, nutritious, and safe juice drinks. It is now squeezed and is loved by many consumers. However, there are also many young people who consider more about the freshness and safety of their fruits and health issues. Although the juices are mostly safe and hygienic, there are still quality and safety issues. Previously, some media had exposed the sale of degraded fruit at a low price to the juicer for juice extraction, while a net red fresh squeezed beverage shop used spoiled, degraded fruit juice, and cut fruit without gloves. phenomenon.

In fact, the operation of freshly squeezed juice is very simple. You only need to buy a suitable juice extraction equipment. It usually takes no more than 4 minutes from fruit washing to juice extraction. We know that freshly squeezed juices are mainly mechanically squeezed into unfermented but fermentable juices, which still retain the original color, flavor and taste of the fruit pulp. However, in the face of a variety of juicers on the market, how do users choose? First, let's take a look at the juicer.

Undoubtedly, the juicer is a device that can quickly squeeze fruits and vegetables into juice. After the machine is started, the motor drives the knife net to rotate at a high speed. Pushing the fruit from the feeding port to the knife net, the knife net then crushes the fruit by the rotation speed. Under the action of the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed operation, the pomace flies out of the knife net into the slag box, and the juice flows through the knife net into the juice cup. . However, it is worth noting that the juicer is mainly used for freshly squeezed juice, and the effect on other soymilk, fillings and other products is not obvious.

Compared to this, the cooking machine is completely different. The author understands that the cooking machine is a combination of grinding powder, soy milk, freshly squeezed juice, stuffing, shaved ice, etc. It can be used to make a variety of foods such as dry powder, soy milk, juice, filling, jam, shaved ice, etc. The juicer has been upgraded to become a more diversified device. If the user purchases the juice extraction equipment not only for the freshly squeezed juice, occasionally the multi-grain grinding, making soy milk, fillings, etc., it is best to use a cooking machine to meet a variety of functions.

For the juice machine, it can also be called a cold press. Generally speaking, the juice is squeezed by means of screw-type extrusion and low-speed flexible extraction, and the rotation speed is very low, usually not exceeding 100 rpm. Because the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are not very resistant to temperature, fresh and nutrients will be destroyed when they exceed 40 °C. The speed of the juice machine is lower, the heat generated per unit time is less, and the temperature is relatively low, which will not damage the nutrients of the fruit. If the user has high requirements on the freshness and nutritional value of the freshly squeezed fruit, the juice machine can be considered.

Finally, let's take a look at the broken wall machine. It can be said that the machine combines the advantages of the juicer, the cooking machine and the juice machine. It fully realizes the multi-purpose function of one machine, and can instantly break the food cell wall and release the plant biochemical. According to an industry source, because the ultra-high speed (22,000 rpm) can instantly break the cell wall of fruits and vegetables, the processing speed is fast and the time is short, which not only avoids the destruction of the nutrients and flavor of the fruit, but also allows the juice to be squeezed. More delicate and better taste.

In general, due to the variety of juice extraction equipment on the market, there are juicers, cooking machines, juice machines, and wall breaking machines. Users can meet the requirements of processing types or the taste and delicateness of juice flavors. It is worthwhile to choose the one that meets your own requirements. The freshly squeezed juice should be squeezed or stored in cold storage, but it should not be placed for too long, otherwise it will be easily spoiled and deteriorated, which will affect the safety of drinking.


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