Do not feed rabbits with silage

1. Rabbits are herbivores, mainly rely on the cecal microbes to secrete cellulase to digest crude fiber. The growth and reproduction of microorganisms in the cecum requires a slightly alkaline environment. There is an enlargement, wall thickness, and a connection between the ileum and ileum. The hollow round balloon is called a round capsule, which, in addition to squeezing food and digestion and absorption, can also secrete alkaline solution, neutralize the acid produced by the microorganisms, and is highly alkaline due to the acidity of silage. The liquid cannot be neutralized. The peracid environment will affect the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in the cecum, resulting in a reduction in the number of cellulase enzymes secreted by the cecum, often resulting in indigestion and even auto-acidosis. 2. Silage exposure to the air is highly susceptible to deterioration, and rabbits are particularly sensitive to this deteriorating feed, which can easily cause diarrhoea or even poisoning after eating. So don't feed rabbits with silage.

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