Gladiolus cutting and preservation

The most suitable time for cutting the gladiolus is to reveal one or two flowers at the base of the ear to reveal the color and to release it. Early cutting, the plant's own low sugar content, affect the quality of cut flowers, resulting in the whole plant floret can not be completely open from the bottom up; too late, flowers have been opened, affecting the storage and transportation, but also affect the ornamental life. It is advisable to cut before 10 o'clock in the morning. In order to raise the ball, keep 2 to 3 intact leaves after cutting. The cut flowers are graded and packaged according to the variety, color and grade standard, 10 or 12 bundles, and then listed in cartons or grass packaging. Before transportation, it was treated with a 4% sucrose solution for 24 hours, or treated with silver nitrate with a mass fraction of 100010E-6 for 10 minutes to increase sugar branch accumulation in the squid itself and control ethylene production. Fresh-keeping of the bottle is usually made by mixing sucrose, 8-hydroxyquinoline citrate, silver nitrate, and aluminum sulfate.

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