Edible fungus strains simple preservation method

Edible fungus mycelium is fast and easy to mutate, and strains are difficult to preserve. Several new preservation methods that are effective and easy to implement are introduced. First, the liquid paraffin preservation method: the use of chemical liquid paraffin, autoclaved, placed in a 40 °C incubator for several hours or a few days in a desiccator, with a sterile pipette or syringe to suck liquid paraffin, inoculated strains test tube. The injection volume should be about 1 cm above the tip of the bevel, plug the tampon, seal it with wax, and store it upright in a clean, dry, cool, cold place, which can be stored for about 5 years. Second, bran preservation method: Weigh a certain amount of bran after adding water or nutrient solution and mix well before use. Water, bran ratio is about 1:0.8. Stir the bran into a test tube, insert it into the strain after autoclaving, and put it under appropriate temperature. The mycelium develops well and the test tube is dried at room temperature. After drying, it should be stored in a dry place below 20°C, and it can be stored for 3-5 years. Third, the saline preservation method: the strains into the potato culture solution, each 250 ml flask 60 ml culture medium, shaking culture or shake 5-10 times a day, culture 5-7 days, then the formation of the mycelium ball Inhale a test tube containing 5 ml of sterile physiological saline solution, transfer approximately 4-5 pieces of mycelium into each tube, and insert a tampon. Seal the tube with wax and store it for 1 year at low temperature. 4. Preservation of wheat grain : Take high-quality wheat, immersed in 20 °C water after scouring for 5 hours, a little air dry, and put the tube. The loading capacity is preferably 1/4 to 1/3 of the tube length, sterilized, dissipated while hot, cooled, and then inserted into the mycelia, and cultured at room temperature until sparse hyphae appear on most of the grains. Store in a dry place below 25°C for 1-2 years.

Abamectin (Avermectins)INDICATIONS
For the treatment of livestock and poultry nematodes, acariasis and other parasitic insect disease.
Pouring or rubbing.
Cattle, pigs, dogs and rabbits: 0.1ml/kg body weight for a a single dose.
The formulation should be applied along the mid-line of the back in a narrow strip between the withers and tailhead for cattle and pigs. Rubbed the back of the inside of the ear for dogs and rabbits.
In horses, adverse reactions may include itching and edema. In poultry, may include death, lethargy or loss of appetite.
Use cautiously in animals sensitive to Avermectin. Strictly follow the storage condition. Toxic to aquatic life.


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