Citrus Antifreeze and Post-Frozen Nursing Technology

1. The trunk is covered with white: After the orange trees are frozen, a large number of litters are easily caused, and the main trunk is exposed to sunlight and prone to sunburn. Lime, lime sulfur, salt and water can be used to paint the trunk.
2. Spraying and disease prevention: Subjects of frozen orange orchard easily lead to the outbreak of citrus resin disease and anthrax disease. A fungicide should be sprayed prior to the germination of the orange shoots to prevent and control the disease.
3, foliar spray fertilizer: orange tree vigor after freezing is weak, as soon as possible to restore the tree vigor, using 0.2% urea plus 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate or foliar fertilizer foliar spray. At the same time promote early application of spring fertilizer, and do thin manure.
4, pick leaves Baoshu: As soon as possible to remove the frozen leaves, in order to reduce the water consumption of the tree. Do not use the tapping method when picking leaves, so as not to damage the branch's cortex and cause the branches to die.
5. Cut off the tip of the stubble: The two-step pruning method should be applied to the thawed dried orange shoots. The branches that have already died should be cut first, and then the dead branches should be cut off from the dead and the dead.
6. If there is rain and snow, you should also do the following three tasks:
(1) Shaking snow in time: The snow on the trees will increase the degree of frost damage of the orange trees. The temperature should be selected to shake off the snow on the trees before and after noon.
(2) Cutting and binding: For large branches that are torn by snow, one should sparsely cut some leaves and then wrap them with plastic ropes so that the torn branches will heal and heal after healing. Difficult to reset should be sawed out as soon as possible. The saw cut should be flattened. After brushing bactericide protection.
(3) Drainage drainage: The water in the garden is eliminated in time.

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