"Biodiesel" Plant Cultivation Breakthrough in Jiangsu

New crop of biodiesel “seashore mallow”: Fuel grows in plants A few days ago, in the salt-tolerant economic plant research carried out in the saline-alkali land in the embankment of Dafeng County in Jiangsu Province, the seed germination and live seedling cultivation experiments of American seashore mallow have achieved breakthroughs. This opens up broad prospects for the improvement of China's coastal beach development, the development of saline soil agriculture, and the development of "biodiesel" new energy. Seashore mallow is a perennial perennial plant native to the salt marshes of the eastern United States from Delaware to Texas. Its seed oil content and crude protein content are similar to those of the important cash crop, with high levels of calcium and potassium. The nutritional structure is very reasonable and can serve as an important source of oil and feed. Researchers from the Institute of Biotechnology at Nanjing University have started a series of ecological studies on seashore mallow introduced from the United States since 1993, and conducted seed germination experiments at the experimental park of Nanjing University and the saline-alkali land in the levee of Jiangsu Dafeng County. Live seedling cultivation experiments. According to reports, only 50 kilograms of mussels were planted in the original mu. After scientific research, the current per mu output has reached 100 kilograms, which has good prospects for industrialization. At present, the “Salt-tolerant Economical Plant Seashore Mallow Concentration Breeding Study” has been listed as a national 863 project. Researchers are applying molecular markers and related major gene detection technologies to conduct research on beachside mallow polymerization and breeding in order to achieve unit yields. Raise to 300 kilograms per mu.

Perennial herb, hi cool, humid place, is a Ranunculaceae. Stalks rampant, coarse 3-7 mm, dense fibrous roots. Basal leaves 10-25 cm long, county long-handled; leaf blade herbaceous, 3-cleavage, all lobes shaved, central all-lobes rhombic Narrow ovate, up to 11 cm, long-pointed, pinnate, lobes Margin incised, with sharply small serrate, short veins along veins, abaxially glabrous, veins distinct, lateral lobes shorter, 6 cm long, 2-parted near base; stalk length 7-20 cm , Glabrous. Flowers small, yellowish green, about 1 cm in diameter. Its underground rhizome is upward branches, growing up several branches each year was chicken claw-like. Slow the cold, good leader.

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