Winter management of cherry tree seedlings

Although the survival rate of planting cherry seedlings is high, it is difficult for saplings to be safely overcrowded. The young shoots are dehydrated, shrinkage, and dry due to their poor wintering habits. The phenomenon of wintering and drawing of young cherry trees is more common, and most of them have different degrees of occurrence. The light causes tree-like disorder and hinders the early results; in severe cases, the whole plant will dry out and die. Therefore, the use of artificial and agricultural methods to clean orchards, eradicate overwintering pests and diseases, and effectively eliminate pests are critical.

Sprinkle shallow plough. The ash can be spread over the orchard and ploughed into the ground to loosen the soil, absorb heat, reduce frost damage, and provide potassium, phosphorus, calcium, silicon and other mineral nutrients for the saplings. Generally 300 kg of wood ash per acre, shallow ploughing 3 to 5 cm.

Qu sun buried. After 1 to 2 years of deciduous dormancy, the trunk is bent and buried with wet soil to prevent the branches from being exposed to water loss. The thickness of the buried soil on the trunk and branches is about 30 cm.

Water frozen water. Water is frozen 5 to 6 days before “snow”, and it has a certain effect on freezing and freezing. When people are able to enter the ground after irrigation, lightly soil the soil to cut off the soil capillary.

Roots stop the soil. Before the soil freezes, the crescent-shaped soil that is 50 centimeters high is blocked 30 centimeters from the trunk in the northwest of the tree, which can effectively prevent the rhizomes from freezing and pulling.

The trunk is white. In winter, the quicklime is added to the water to adjust it into a lime slurry, which is mixed with a small amount of salt and evenly brushed on the trunk to reflect more sunlight to prevent the damage caused by large temperature difference between day and night.

Film cover. Sapling roots are generally less distributed in the soil 20 to 30 cm above the ground. Covering the film has a certain warming effect on the shallow soil.

Winter cut apron. In winter, the large tip of the transpiration volume is cut off, and Vaseline (protective agent) is used to cut the mouth to reduce water loss.

Wrap the film. The white agricultural film with a thickness of 0.03 mm was cut into 3 to 5 cm wide and 1 to 2 m long strips, and then the backbone sticks and stems were gradually wrapped around the tips of the shoots toward the base and the upper part of the trunk. It is required that the package be tightly wrapped around the bark to protect the bark.

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