Walnut peeling green peel and drying method

1. Dehulling: Artificially knocked down harvested walnuts, more than 70% of the nuts with green peels, so once the harvest begins, must be harvested, with the peeling and drying, which is an important measure to ensure the quality of the nuts. Walnut with green skin, due to the insulation of the green skin and the prevention of water loss, the nut heat accumulation, when the temperature is above 37 °C, the nucleolus easily reach above 40 °C and endangered by high temperature, when harvested under the sun It must be accelerated to pick up. The green fruit shall be removed from the shade in the shade immediately. When the green skin is not separated from the nucleus, it may be piled in the shade, sprayed with 0.1% of ethephon, covered with plastic sheeting, but it should be frequently turned and dissipated. It is extremely susceptible to mold deterioration and can affect the color of shells.
2. Nut rinsing: After the nut strips off the green skin, the rotten skin, dirt, and other contaminants on the surface of the nut are washed away and bleached with a bleaching liquid when sold in shell. The commonly used bleaching method is as follows:
(1) Disposition of bleaching solution: 1 kilogram of bleaching powder is dissolved in about 64 grams of warm water. After fully dissolved, the sediment is filtered out to obtain a saturated liquid. The saturated liquid can be diluted with clean water at 1:10 to be used as a bleaching liquid.
(2) Bleaching method: The freshly peeled walnuts are washed with water first, then poured into a bleaching solution, stirred at any time, soaked for 8 to 10 minutes. When the shell is yellowish-white, remove and wash the bleach with water. For drying, the bleaching container is preferably made of porcelain, and iron and wood products are not available.
3. Nuts drying method:
(1) Drying method: The weather in the northern areas is clear and cool in the autumn. After rinsing, the clean nuts can not be exposed to sunlight immediately. They should be spread on bamboo foil or sorghum foil for about half a day until most of the water evaporates and spreads out. Wet walnuts exposed to sunlight will crack the core shell and affect the quality of nuts. When drying, the thickness of nuts should not exceed two layers of fruit. During the drying process, it should be turned frequently to achieve uniform drying and consistent color. Generally, it can be dried after about 10 days.
(2) Drying method: In wet and humid areas, walnuts can be spread on shelves in a dry room and then dried in a house with a stove. Drying room should be ventilated, fire should not be too busy, the indoor temperature should not exceed 40 °C.
(3) Hot Air Drying Method: The dry hot air is blown into the drying box with a blower so that the walnuts stacked in the box are quickly dried. The temperature of blowing hot air should be 40 °C. If the temperature is too high, the fat in the nucleolus will deteriorate, which is difficult to find at that time, and it will not be edible after several weeks of storage.
(4) Index of nut drying: When the nuts collide with each other, the sound is brittle. When the inspection is opened, the diaphragm is easily broken and the nucleolus are crispy. At room temperature, the average moisture content of the nuts with a relative humidity of 60% was 8%, and the nucleolus was about 4%, which reached the drying standard.

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