Corrugated box shake quality control

The flap folding resistance is one of the important quality indicators of corrugated boxes. China's corrugated box standard GB6543-86 expressly stipulates that: corrugated box rocker cover reciprocating more than 5 times after opening and closing 1800 degrees, no cracks in the surface layer and inner layer of type 1 and 2, no cracks in the outer layer of type 3 box. The sum of the crack lengths of the layers shall not exceed 70 mm, and additional provisions shall be made: 6 cartons are taken from the selected samples for inspection, and if two of them do not meet the above requirements, the batch of cartons are all unqualified. However, in actual use, some customers have stricter requirements. They require that the outer cover should not be cracked when the flap is folded 180 degrees outward (instead of opening and closing 180 degrees). In the process of doing the box, we can do this. To achieve this important technical quality index, we must control the following difficulties:

1. The quality control of the base paper should use good quality paper and paper. The grade of the paper should be above Grade C. It will not crack after testing and the folding resistance is good. In addition, high-strength corrugated base paper should also be used for the core paper. Try to avoid using corrugated low-grade raw grade corrugated paper, which may break the topping paper during the analysis of the flap.

2. The moisture content of the base paper and paperboard is too important for the paper and paperboard to be broken. The national standard stipulates that the moisture content of the corrugated base paper and the cardboard paper is about 8%-10%, respectively. Of course, it should be properly controlled according to the grade of the paper and the condition of the equipment. When the grade of the paper is high, the water content can be lower, and when the grade is low, the water content can be higher. The moisture content of corrugated board is 14% according to the national standard GB6544-86. This should be the water content when the board is finished. The moisture content of corrugated board has a direct relationship with the moisture content of the base paper. At the same time, it can be appropriately controlled by the amount of heating (vapor pressure) of the double-sided paper and the speed of the vehicle. When it is produced in winter, it is good to increase the temperature with steam.

3. Indentation control of the flap and fold line First, the indentation must be pressed through. The so-called pressure-through is to press without voids. For example, the thickness of the five-layer cardboard indentation is generally about 2mm, not only the top of the cam is to be pressed through. Both sides must also be pressed through. Thus, when the flap is folded outward, a plane is formed outside the fold line, and no crack is generated. In addition, the condition of the indentation depends on the state of the cutter crimping wheel. The technical state of the pressure roller is different depending on the number of layers of paperboard produced (three, five, seven layers are different). The gap between the pressure rollers (the convex and concave wheels) must be consistent. Otherwise, it is not guaranteed that all the cardboard indentations will be just right. When the lightly pressed flap is folded, the fold line may have cracks, and if it is pressed, the pressure line may be broken.

4. After the cardboard is off the machine, the folding of the flap to the two sides by one or two times (folding to the bottom) can greatly improve the folding resistance of the flap, so that the box can be shaken for a long time without cracking.

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