Red Fuji Apple "Willow-Shaped" Shaping

The main branch arrangement: Dry height 0.8 ~ 1 meters is appropriate, the main branch is divided into 3 layers, the main branch opening angle of 70 degrees. The first layer is 1 meter away from the ground, each layer is about 1 meter apart, leaving 2 main branches in the first layer, 3 main branches in the second layer, 4 main branches in the 3rd layer, and the main branches in the upper and lower layers are in azimuth. Cross-arranged, each branch directly produces a result branch or string-like result branch group, all drooping, forming a "weeping willow" shape, branches and branches do not affect each other, the tree height is controlled at about 3 meters. Note that branches and branches must be arranged crosswise.

Tree management: It mainly adopts methods such as taking branches, pulling branches, supporting branches and other branches. In the treatment of branches, slow release is the main method, and ringing is strictly prohibited to ensure the robustness of the tree. Make full use of the characteristics of the long branches of Red Fuji apples after slow release, pull the branches in time after putting them into bloom, so that the result branches should be vertically downward, weeping willow type growth, fruit born vertically on the result branches, etc. After aging, retract to a strong branch or remove the new branch. Other management is the same as normal tree.

Note that this pruning method should not be used for old and sick trees. For trees with good site conditions, robust growth, or prosperous conditions, shaping in this tree shape can quickly increase benefits.

2. Weeping willow trimming pruning

The tree is mainly applicable to Red Fuji apples. It can be cultivated from small trees, or it can be transformed with the original tree shape. The shaping is simple, the forming is fast, and the pruning is simple and easy to grasp. The fruit produced by this tree shape is big, bright and full, with 85% or more of the whole red fruit. After entering the full fruit period, the average yield per mu is about 6500 kg and the highest is 10,000 kg.

3. Comprehensive management

Because of the high yield of the tree, the water used for fertilization is twice as much as that of traditional tree-shaped orchards. The amount of organic manure and organic manure per acre must be more than 6,000 kg and more than 400 kg of bio-organic fertilizer. In the growing season, we must pay attention to the supplementation of trace element fertilizers and pest and disease control. In combination with Shiji fertilizer, it is used to turn the tree tray once a year in the fall to ensure that it is thoroughly irrigated and well-frozen.


Because  of  different growing environment and conditions of itself, the fruit will be  different types of shapes and sizes, usually we deliver the size 220/280/320/350 /500/550 and  so on, but can also supply other sizes. 

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