Feeding just weaned pigs pay attention to three points

When the piglet is weaned, the feeding amount has a great influence on its growth and development. If it is fed too much, it will easily cause indigestion, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases. If the feeding is insufficient, it will cause stress response due to hunger and affect growth. Therefore, 4 to 5 days after weaning, we must restrict feeding and feed less. Timing is controlled at about 70% of the original diet, and each feeding amount can be flexibly controlled according to the following conditions.

According to the feeding status of the pigs, the feeding pigs should first look at the feed in the feed tank. If there is only a little scraps in the tank, it indicates that the last feeding amount is moderate; if you see the feed tanks being picked up, Clean and humid, indicating that the amount of feed last time is insufficient, this time should increase the amount of feed; if the tank has more leftovers, indicating that the last feeding amount is too much, this time should be reduced. Take care to remove the leftovers.

According to the defecation status of the pigs, the feces of the pigs within 3 days after weaning were thickened and changed from yellow to brown, which is normal feces. If the feces is soft, the oil shines, the color is positive, and the feeding amount does not need to change; if there is sporadic feces in the circle, there are feed pellets, indicating that some pigs have overslaught, and the feeding should be reduced by about 20% from the previous time; If the excrement is found to be mushy, light grey, and sporadic in yellow, the feces contain undigested feed. This is a sign that the whole swine should be squatting and should stop for a meal. The next meal can only feed 1/1 of the food before it stops. 2, also depends on the circumstances, if you see most of the feces in the circle become soft and dark, the amount of feed can be restored to 80% of the normal amount of feed, and then can be returned to normal consumption, if the stool is a paste, Green, mixed with exfoliated intestinal mucosa, etc., to stop two meals, the third meal only in the bottom of the tank sprinkle a small amount of feed, gradually increase the amount of feed, and then gradually return to normal volume after 3 days.

According to the condition of the pigs, the pre-pigs rushed to the trough before they heard the sounds, and the cry continued. This indicated that they could feed more feed; about 10 minutes after feeding, the feed was taken out of the trough and the pigs did not return to their nests. ,Crowd in the side of the trough, indicating that the material is not enough, you can cast some more; if the pig heard the sound before the feed did not go to the edge of the trough, and the call is small and weak, do not panic, indicating not hungry, you can cast less Some material.

After the pigs are weaned in the restricted-feeding stage, the feed model must be kept in line with the lactation period to ensure adequate and clean drinking water and immunization. Houses should be regularly sterilized and kept dry and hygienic.

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