Herbal Supplements for Six Types of Female Populations

Sibu is the use of food nutrition function combined with physical conditions, through the diet to achieve enhanced resistance, prevention and treatment of disease longevity methods, the following are the women with different sub-health state food supplement.

What's the best way to eat a beauty woman?

Professional women's soup soup with “disease” has always been an important item in Chinese food culture. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, soup soup has become an indispensable part of life. Especially for women, soup is particularly important.

Spleen and stomach is not strong, anger, face full of acne women

The bandits old turtle soup: Qingrejiedu spleen and stomach. The taste of earthworms is heavy, so use some spices to adjust the taste during cooking.

Insomnia, dark complexion

Cordyceps Laotang Tang: Cordyceps sinensis is used together with old turtles. It has the effect of strengthening spleen, soothe the nerves, and whitening skin. It is an appropriate supplement for the four seasons of white-collar females.

Women who are too busy and stressed

American Ginseng Turtle Soup: This soup is particularly suitable for white-collar women who are busy with work and stress. They can supplement qi and nourish yin, clear away heat and get rid of irritations, and nourish the stomach.

Stressful female

Gastrodia pigeon soup: Gastrodia is especially good for headaches, dizziness, and limb numbness. Pigeons are rich in nutrients and have a smooth and tender taste, so they are highly favored by female friends who use excessive brain.

Irregular menstruation, rough skinned women

Jujube Wujitang: Since ancient times, jujube has been a blood-enriching product, while black-bone chicken has better Qi and nourishing yin. It is especially suitable for female friends. It has a certain effect on menstrual disorders and can often be used for beauty.

Dry, hot lungs and coughing women in autumn and winter

Cordyceps shui duck soup: The main role is Bufei Yishen, bleeding and phlegm, but Chinese medicine pay attention to duck meat is cool, so it is more suitable for summer consumption. In addition, it should be noted that people with stomach and stomach ulcers are advised not to eat, so as to avoid the opposite effect.


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