Autumn tomato disease prevention and control measures

Tomatoes account for a large proportion in the cultivation of facilities in autumn. Diseases are the main obstacles affecting the high yield and quality of autumn tomatoes, and prevention and control of autumn tomato diseases is very important.

Viral disease: an outstanding disease for tomato plants in autumn. The sources of toxicity include tomato yellow leaf curl virus, tobacco mosaic virus, and cucumber mosaic virus. A variety of virus diseases may occur in the field due to mixed infection of several toxic sources. Shade nets and insect nets should be used to reduce the temperature of the greenhouses, and to prevent insecticides such as whitefly, aphids, and thrips; timely cultivating and promote root development; watering according to plant and weather conditions to prevent leggy; pay attention to balanced fertilization to prevent premature aging, Strengthen disease resistance; do not smoke when operating in the field, pruning squatting, then whole strains after the whole plant, contact with the diseased plants to wash with soapy water; timely use of swatches, chemicals to prevent transmission of poison pests.

Late blight: It is a devastating disease of tomato. It has the characteristics of acute onset, rapid spread, and rapid epidemic. Once it is onset, if it is not timely and reasonably controlled, it can be extended to a full shed in a short period of time resulting in pulling. Attention should be paid to air release, temperature control and humidity control to avoid dew formation or water film; avoid watery days after rainy days, and control the watering after onset; 72% frosty urea manganese zinc wettable powder should be used for diseased plants. 68% Fine Aloes Manganese Zinc Water Dispersible Granules, 52.5% Terconazole Clomazone Urea Cyanide Water Dispersible Granules, 25% Azoxystrobin Suspension, Pythium oligospirillum wettable powder (do not use with chemical pesticides, should be morning or evening Spraying, should not be applied in the sun exposure or before the rain) and other agents spray. As far as possible the use of room temperature smoke application control.

Leaf mould, early blight: When the disease is heavy, it can cause leaf dryness and reduce yield. Should be reasonable temperature and humidity control, to avoid rainy days after the rainy days, after the onset of appropriate water control; early onset of the use of 40% fluosilazole EC, 10% difenoconazole water dispersible granules, 47% chloramphenicol Copper wettable powder, Pythium oligospirillum wettable powder (precautions as above) and other agents spray. Before the onset, sulphur fumigators can be used for regular fumigation prevention.

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Wearing a lumbar fixation device is to limit the flexion of the lumbar spine and other movements, especially to assist the back muscles to limit some unnecessary forward flexion movements, so as to ensure that the damaged lumbar intervertebral disc can be fully rested locally.
For patients undergoing intervertebral foraminal surgery, due to local acute inflammatory reactions and irritation, muscle spasms may occur to varying degrees. Wearing a lumbar fixation device reduces lumbar activity and can play a role in strengthening protection.
Waist FixerLower Back Lumbar ProtectorRemovable Self-heating GasketA proper lumbar fixation device can limit excessive movement of the lumbar spine, provide higher stability for the spine, and provide excellent conditions for tissue repair. Therefore, the lumbar fixator worn by patients after intervertebral foraminal surgery needs to be able to provide adequate support and take care of comfort.

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