Fruit vegetable fresh-keeping packaging application technology

Fruit vegetable fresh-keeping packaging application technology

In recent years, with the increasing exposure of food safety incidents, consumer concerns about food safety have gradually deepened. Rodriguez experts who specialize in the research and development and production of air-conditioning fresh-keeping packaging machines said that the application technology of fruit vegetable fresh-keeping packaging can provide fresh food without using additives, and has made its own contribution to food safety.

Rodipol provides free solutions for customers with free-to-air preservation, from pre-production to post-sale transportation to provide customers with all-round help or support. The company's air-conditioning packaging machine mainly includes three series of desktop air-conditioning packaging machine, vertical air-conditioning packaging machine and horizontal automatic air-conditioning packaging machine. At the same time, we also customize different types of non-standard machines and production lines according to customer requirements. In order to help professional customers to better market, the company also provides OEM services and personalized machine design to professional customers.

Food safety and food hygiene issues have been raised in China. Although the government is making unremitting efforts for it, food safety issues are still commonplace. Many netizens expressed concerns about food safety in the supermarket.

As we all know, cooked meat food is a food that directly enters the mouth of the consumer. Preserving the cooked meat with the cooked meat cabinet can prevent the cooked meat food from being contaminated by bacteria, and the low-temperature cooked meat cabinet can also maximize the preservation of the product. In addition to the deli cabinet, China has made unremitting efforts on how to preserve meat.

The anti-corrosion preservation of cooked meat products has long been a major research topic for researchers in various countries. The factors that cause deterioration of meat products are: microbial contamination and growth and reproduction, fat oxidative rancidity, gas discoloration of myoglobin. These three factors multiply, such as the proliferation of microorganisms will promote oil oxidation and myoglobin discoloration, and oil oxidation will also change the microbial strain and promote the discoloration of myoglobin.

The preservative preservation of meat products is mainly based on the above factors causing the spoilage of meat products, and some measures are taken to reduce or inhibit the occurrence of the above factors. At present, traditional preservation techniques and modern preservation techniques are generally combined to achieve better preservation effects. Low temperature refrigeration technology: general microbial growth and reproduction temperature range is 5 ° C ~ 25 ° C, the appropriate temperature is 20 ° C ~ 40 ° C, 45e above and -18 ° C below the general microbes have no growth potential.

The origin of modified atmosphere packaging can be said to be very early. As early as the 1930s, Europe and the United States began to study the use of CO2 gas to preserve meat products; in the 1950s, research and development of N2 and CO2 gas to replace the air of canned beef and cheese cans, effectively extending the shelf life; in the 1960s due to various airtight plastics In the development of packaging materials, many foods such as meat, fruits, vegetables, cakes, tea and dairy products have successfully adopted gas replacement packaging technology; in the 70s, the inflatable packaging of fresh meat was widely used in Europe and the United States. Packaging is booming around the world. Foods that have been packaged in modified atmosphere have become more and more popular among food processors and consumers because they maintain the original taste, color, shape and nutrition of the food and achieve a long shelf life. The application of modified atmosphere packaging on some products has been relatively mature, such as small food packaging, coffee packaging, processed meat products.

It is mainly used in situations where it is necessary to preserve natural ingredients or to reduce preservatives. 15 to 20 years ago, modified atmosphere packaging has not yet begun to be applied in freshly sliced ​​agricultural products, but the demand for modified atmosphere packaging applications is now growing the fastest. The initial application of modified atmosphere packaging in the value-added of agricultural products originated from the food market. At that time, in order to meet the needs of the fast service of the catering industry, lettuce was pre-cut and packaged for sale. Later, it was developed in the retail industry to pre-package the cabbage salad and then sell it. Then, cabbage, carrots and other vegetables were gradually introduced into the market in air-conditioned packaging. Due to the continuous advancement of packaging technology and the promotion of applications, there are more and more fresh-cut agricultural products packaged in modified atmosphere packaging.