What is the root rotting of pepper seedlings?

This should be caused by the knock-out of pepper. Control methods:

1. Reasonably choose the seedbed. Seedbed should be selected high-dry terrain, sheltered from the sun, drainage and irrigation facilities, fertile soil, good ventilation and disease-free plots. In order to prevent the seedbeds from infecting pathogens, decomposed farmyard manure should be applied.

2. Seedbed processing. Before seeding, the seedbed should be fully sun-lit, and the old seedbed should be treated with seedbed soil. Commonly used 50% carbendazim WP per square meter seedbed 8 ~ 10 grams, 5000 grams of fine soil, mixed evenly. Take 1/3 of the medicinal soil as a cushion, and cover the remaining 2/3 of the medicine soil after sowing.

3. Seed disinfection. After soaking with 40% formaldehyde 100 times for 30 minutes, rinse, or soaking for 30 minutes with 600 % liquid of 4% agro-resistant 120 melon vegetable for 30 minutes, so as to shorten the seed time in the soil.

4. To strengthen the cultivation and management. 1 2~3 year rotation with non-solanum and cucurbit crops; 2 cover film to stop the bacteria in the soil from splashing on the plants to reduce the chance of infection; 3 the soil temperature of the seedbed should be maintained above 16°C and the temperature should be maintained at 20~ Between 30°C and 4 days after the emergence of seedlings, attention should be paid to ventilation, and at the same time, the soil in the soil should be cultivated to prevent the seedbed from having excessive humidity. Keeping the nursery equipment in good light transmission, increasing light, and promoting the growth of seedlings; 5 The diseased plants were found to be removed in a timely manner and concentrated to be poured to prevent the spread of disease.

5. Chemical control. After the diseased plants were found, diseased leaves and diseased plants were treated in time, and spraying protection was fully applied. The better control agents are 4% agricultural anti-120 melon vegetable tobacco type 500 to 600 times, 75% chlorothalonil 800 times solution, 50% carbendazim WP 600 times, 70% zein zinc 500 times, Spray once every 7 days and spray 2~3 times. The use of these agents alternately works better.

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