Blue Peacock breeding method

(1) To establish an excellent blue peacock group: Blue peacock can be selected based on appearance, weight, growth and development, egg production, and hatchability. In production practice, individuals with healthy, feathery, strong feet and unsharpened legs are generally selected to establish excellent blue peacock colonies, and blue peacocks of different ancestry are introduced to different units to prevent inbreeding. Blue peacocks and green peacocks can be crossed, and their hybrid offspring are fully fertile. Blue peacock groups need to strengthen the needs of the male and female blue peacocks to achieve good reproductive conditions and physiological conditions.
In the wild, peacocks generally form a small group centered on a male peacock, 5-8 female peacocks and sometimes peacock chicks. Under artificial breeding conditions, the method of increasing the light can make the sexual maturity of the peacock up to 30 months old, and the weight of the peacock at the time of opening is close to or equal to the adult weight, which is about 6 kg. If artificial insemination technology is used and female peacock nutrition is strengthened, the fertilization rate and hatching rate can be greatly improved.
(2) Breeding method Blue peacock has a strong seasonality during the breeding season. Generally, in August and August of 4-8, breeding season can be advanced and prolonged. The mother blue peacock began mating 20 days later. To do this, dig a sand trap in the corner and let it be used for egg production. There should be a special seat for picking eggs to avoid blue peacock from eating eggs or inducing brooding.
1. Large group breeding: In a large number of female blue peacock flocks, male and female blue peafowls are placed at a ratio of male to female (1:8), allowing them to freely mate. During the breeding period, male blue peafowls were found to be picked out at any time due to blister or casualties, and no new male blue peafowl was added. The size of the population is 100-200.
2. Small group breeding: It is a male blue peacock and 10-60 female blue peacocks stocked in the pens.
3. Individual control breeding: The male blue peacocks are kept in the breeding pens alone, and the mother blue peacock is kept in another pen house. A female blue peacock breeds in the pens every day. The female blue peacock is returned every five days. Once, to ensure the fertilization rate.

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