The same reason is the difference in the income of cotton field sets of watermelon

In recent years, cotton farmers in the outskirts of the city have adopted the cotton planting pattern in order to increase the comprehensive benefits of the cotton fields. However, some farmers have intercropped muping watermelons for over one thousand yuan, while others only have 500-600 yuan. What are the reasons? The gap lies in the selection of varieties and fertilization techniques.

First, choose cotton and melons

Cotton should be selected from the excellent hybrid cotton varieties with a growth period of 125-130 days, while watermelons can be selected from medium-early-maturing varieties. The line width of cotton should be 1~1.2 meters, 250~300 watermelons interplanted per mu. Ensure that cotton and watermelon are light and airy, facilitating field management.

Second, to apply a sufficient amount of high-quality base fertilizer

The application of fertilizers should be dominated by organic fertilizers supplemented by chemical fertilizers. In the structure of fertilizer, nitrogen and potassium should be the main, followed by phosphate fertilizer, with the appropriate amount of trace elements. Organic fertilizer promotes the application of various types of cake fertilizers, vigorously applies soil miscellaneous fertilizers and plant ash, and actively promotes organic active compound fertilizers and bio-organic compound fertilizers. At the same time, a high content of whole-element compound fertilizer is properly applied to avoid the single application of nitrogen fertilizer. Basal fertilizer should be applied to every mu of soil, fertilizer 4000-5000 kg, 50-100 kg of plant ash, or about 100 kg of cake fertilizer, or 100 kg of bio-organic compound fertilizer, with 25 to 30 kg of compound fertilizer, or Shi Gao The content of compound fertilizer is 50~75kg. Of course, the amount of application can also be increased or decreased according to the conditions of soil quality and fertility. At the same time, attention should be paid to the application of 15 to 20 grams of potassium sulfate to each watermelon to increase the sweetness, increase the color of the flesh, and increase the resistance to fusarium wilt.

Third, to improve the application of basal fertilizer technology

Advocating the application of acupuncture and acupoints, and applying them in divided doses. The first fertilization was applied about 70% of the total amount of basal fertilizer about 20 days before melon seedling planting, and the depth was about 25 cm. The second fertilization was applied to about 30% of the total amount of basal fertilizer 10 days before the melon seedling planting, and the depth was about 10 cm. Mix with the field soil while fertilizing, then cover the soil. The second fertilization should be applied to the cave, leaving a mark after the application, so that the melon seedlings can be transplanted by points to improve the efficiency of fertilization.

Fruit Tea

Scented tea is also known as fruit grain of tea, is a kind of tea drink, in a variety of flowers and fruit drying, concentrate composition contains a variety of vitamins, fruit acid and minerals, but contains no caffeine and tannic acid, a variety of different flavors of scented tea is slightly different in composition, after brewing can still maintain the original flavor of fruit, rich aroma, add rock sugar drink, It can relieve mood and have the effect of beauty.
Flower and fruit tea, half is used to taste, half is used to appreciate, can not be put in a crock. When making tea, it is best to choose a transparent glass pot. It is also a kind of enjoyment to see the glittering and translucent tea water a little bit by the petals. In the brewing process of flower and fruit tea, the temperature should be slightly higher than that of general tea. Because the general tea has been rolled in the process of processing this process, and the flower and fruit tea in the production is generally dry after drying.
It should be noted that on the premise of brewing the flavor of tea soup, the brewing temperature should not be as high as possible, because some effective active substances in tea, such as polyphenols and flavonoids, will decompose at high temperature, so that the efficacy is damaged. Generally speaking, the higher the brewing temperature, the more bitter taste in the tea, can be appropriate to add a little orange juice, honey and other bitter. Of course, if you like a strong taste, you can also cook it.
Storage: The general storage method is to use a dry container, stored in a cool, dry environment. Drink as soon as possible after opening to ensure freshness. To serve, use a dry spoon. It is recommended to put scented tea into the refrigerator freezer, pay attention to storage should be away from fishy smell, avoid fish, seafood and other food put together.

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