Symptoms of duck gizzards and methods of prevention and treatment

At present, there is a high incidence of meat ducks and ducks in the market. Gradually, 10 to 22 days of age, the meat ducks are gradually squatted.
1. The main symptoms are as follows: Ducks become white, soft, difficult to feed, clams, overturned heads, head and neck tremors, diseased duck diarrhea, white or green stools, fecal odor, and detached intestinal mucosa. Seriously ill ducks die of dehydration.
2. The peritoneal examination changes the heart filling, the myocardium and its hard, pericardial effusion. Intestinal emptiness, no content, pale mesenteric vasculature atresia, balloon turbidity, spleen in marble, muscle atrophy.
3, dialectical analysis of the spleen as the central Wutu soil, spleen can not transport feed, so eating is not good; spleen Yang deficiency, the spleen can not control the blood, so there ducks turn white, soft; spleen can not transport water, air bags Exudation, so the balloon turbid; weak temperament, can not be the main muscle, so the muscle subsidence, there phlegm. Yang deficiency and lack of health, vulnerable to evils invasion, evil outside the lungs, retrograde pericardium, there pericardial stagnant water.
4, rule is qi and spleen, Jianshen Lee water
5, prescriptions prevention: spleen and stomach Jian (positivism use poisonous Weiwei) + mycorrhizal Shuangqing treatment: spleen and stomach Jian (experimental use of poisonous Wei) + times Leera + renal smooth

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