Some problems that should be noticed before using combine harvester

The length of service life, failure rate, and safety and reliability of any machine have a lot to do with the correct and reasonable use and maintenance, in addition to the quality of the machine itself. The use of a combine harvester is no exception. There are several issues to be aware of before using it:

First, the combine harvester operator must participate in the formal training organized by the competent department of agricultural machinery before taking up the job. If the working principle and operating requirements of the combine harvester are not clear, it is difficult to use a good combine harvester. Therefore, the operator must participate in training and obtain a driver's license.

Second, the combine harvester must read the product specification in detail before use. Because of the complex structure of the combine harvester, despite the fact that the machine is of good quality, it can be used casually without first understanding the internal structure and the method of use. If the operation is not performed in accordance with the instructions, the machine is prone to undue faults.

Third, because the harvested crop conditions vary widely (eg, crop varieties, maturity, moisture content, yield, crop height, and lodging conditions, etc.), the use of the combine harvester should be based on changes in operating conditions. Appropriate adjustment of the machine's various related agencies to ensure the good performance of the combine harvester.

Fourth, the safety protection device installed on the combine harvester is designed to protect the safety of the operator and its related personnel. Therefore, the machine cannot be disassembled when it is running or working. If it has been dismantled during maintenance, the machine must be restarted before it works or works. Install it. In addition, during the operation of the machine, it must be performed in accordance with the relevant safety warning signs to avoid accidents.

Fifth, the combine harvester must be inspected, maintained and maintained before use. Such as checking whether there is lack of oil, lack of water, looseness of the fastening place, whether there is open welding place, whether there is abnormal sound and so on. If there is any abnormality, it should be replenished, adjusted and repaired in time, and the machine must not be allowed to work sick. Otherwise, large failures or damages are likely to occur.

6. Do not modify the combine harvester at will. Under normal circumstances, the structure and overall parameters of the combine harvester are coordinated from the design and cannot be modified or modified at will. Such as increasing the engine speed, increasing the height of the grain tank, etc., this will not only affect the work performance, but also accelerate the machine wear and damage.

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