Prevention of swine fever to three levels

Pork cricket, commonly known as "gard rot", is a highly contagious disease, and it is a major infectious disease that threatens the pig industry.

First, regular disinfection: winter and spring is the high incidence of swine fever, it must be strictly disinfected in order to achieve the purpose of completely killing swine fever virus. Usually every 10 to 15 days with 1% caustic soda or 5% alkaline water clearing after spraying thoroughly, can also be used 30% of the plant ash disinfection.

Second, cut off the source of infection: strict isolation or culling of sick pigs, if conditions permit, the epidemic point can be blocked for a period of time, in addition to prevent contact with pigs and pigs, but also to prevent people from indirect contact with other animals and utensils.

Third, improve the immunity of susceptible animals: The susceptible animals of swine fever are pigs and wild boars. The best way to improve the pig's immunity is to inject pigs with swine fever vaccine. Therefore, we must pay attention to the prevention of swine fever, so that high-density immunization, no leakage of a pig.

In addition, care must be taken not to inject swine fever vaccines into sick pigs. After the pig became ill, the body's ability to fight disease first decreased, and gradually produced antibodies, and the immunity gradually increased. If vaccinated sick pigs at this time, it is often fueled by fire, aggravating the condition, so that the sick pigs quickly die, resulting in greater economic losses.

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